Ulysse Nardin presented the “megayacht on the wrist”

From 15 to 17 February in Miami took place simultaneously and the Miami International Boat Show and exhibition of watches and jewelry Watches & Wonders. It is difficult to imagine a better place and time to show the world a model of a mechanical watch, called the Marine Mega Yacht. And the Swiss watch manufactory Ulysse Nardin has decided not to miss this chance.

Ulysse Nardin since the mid-nineteenth century, engaged in the production of ship’s chronometers, so only the masters know what needs to be watch for these sea-wolves. The latest models of watches Ulysse Nardin was inspired by the romance of sailing ships, and here now the turn has finally reached the modern and luxurious motor yachts.

The company clearly hopes that the owners of Marine Mega Yacht will be the people without undue modesty: a platinum watch is 44 mm in diameter, on a blue strap alligator leather strap will certainly attract attention.

However, while the clock on the hand, a strange curious look will not be able to see the most interesting: the greater part of the mechanism of 504 parts, which can be observed through the sapphire glass, which is made from not only the front but also the back cover of the chronometer.

Always in sight is only the dial, whose design is inspired by the “bow of the luxury liner”.

While classic arrows counting down the minutes, set for 12:00 mechanism such as a windlass for a good few seconds gradually releases the anchor chain.

The anchor at the right part of the dial, slides down, measuring the remaining power reserve of the mechanism. Marine Mega Yacht you need to create manually once in 80 hours.

A new model of Ulysse Nardin is not only inspired by the sea, but also made for mariners, so the left side of the dial is located a miniature Moon.

The model using high-precision engraving of the real landscape, moving in accordance with the phases of his heavenly namesake. In addition, it is connected with the mechanism with which the dial you can see the height of tide or low tide. The system is set up to show the water level at a particular time in a particular location taking into account seasonal factors.

The decoration of any luxury mechanical watch — a flying tourbillon that compensates the influence of gravity device. Marine Mega Yacht is located in the lower part of the dial and decorated with the swaying propeller.

The clock mechanism is hermetically sealed in the housing, so that the happy owners of hours will not leave them even while scuba diving — Marine Mega Yacht will remain waterproof and will continue working at depths up to 50 meters.

The cost of these hours is estimated to 21.08 million ($310 thousand). Masters of Ulysse Nardin and workshop of Christophe claret (Christophe Claret) will create only 30 samples of this model.

On request the owners will be able to do them engraved his motto, and then the “megayacht” on their wrist will be truly unique.

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