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Familiarity with yacht Mangusta GranSport 54 El Leon

New high-speed semi-displacement yacht marks the exit of the shipyard Mangusta in the TRANS-Atlantic market. His impressions divided Geier Cecile (Cecile Gauert) of Boat International. The original article can be read here.

In the industrial area near the Italian Pisa built a new generation of ships with aluminum body from Overmarine. The name of the new 54-metre flagship appropriate: first Mangusta GranSport 54 is called El Leon, meaning “lion.”

And believe me, it roars great. Its maximum speed – 31 knots.

El Leon can be called a “Mangusta on steroids”: it is a graceful, muscular and aggressive. It is tempting to begin the story with the exterior of the authorship of Alberto Mancini (Alberto Mancini): the graceful lines and the windshield at an acute angle – well, like a lion waiting for a prey. But the concept GranSport were primarily due to a new generation of yahtovladeltsy and aluminum housings designed specifically for them. This should start.

“Yachting, it seems, is changing. Many who buy a yacht for the first time, looked at him differently. They are younger and concerned about the technical aspects. And, more importantly, they’re looking for adventure,” — says commercial Director of the Overmarine Group Frediani Francesco (Francesco Frediani).

Simply put, newcomers don’t want to be limited to hackneyed Mecca of the yachting world.

For several years now, designers are doing everything possible to expand the range Mangusta, which began with a quick boat, ideal for movement over short distances from port to port. By 2014, they managed to improve the 165-th model, which combined all the achievements of previous years. The new formula consisted of four engines MTU and Kamewa water jets from. But a transatlantic cruising range remains an elusive goal: to cross the ocean had to resort to the help of a cargo ship. Many people did, after all, boats with water cannons or drive Arneson was perfect for sailing in the Bahamas.

The range of Mangusta Oceano was the first attempt to create a displacement yacht. Mangusta signed on the project of a young Italian designer who is well-versed with the DNA of the brand. The first boat born thanks to the efforts of Mancini — Mangusta Oceano 43. This is the first yacht with a steel hull from the shipyard for several decades — despite the fact that the CEO Maurizio Balducci (Balducci Maurizio) have a lot of experience in this field. With the purpose to expand its capabilities Overmarine Group has built a new boathouses near Pisa.

Five years ago, the shipyard began to think about building a hybrid displacement hull and traditional sports Mangusta: the boat that would be both fast and Autonomous.

“We all firmly believe in the concept of the Maxi Open. Fast, highly efficient hull and the possibility of long voyages with the comfort that we wanted to build. Really fast semi-displacement yacht.”

After research this fast-growing segment Mangusta decided to create the case — very few of the existing buildings meet high speed requirements, and in all cases for the sake of speed I had to sacrifice something. For example, the width of the vessel.

It all began with a few basic parameters needed to develop a yacht with a length of 45 to 50 meters with internal volume of up to 500 gross tons. And let the experience was enough Mangusta decided to enlist the help of Pierluigi Ausonio Naval Architecture (PLANA) — Italian company specialized in designing hulls for warships. The goal was to achieve a speed of 30 knots and autonomy in 11-15 knots.

“First, most work was marine architect, not the designer. The more we studied the project and technical aspects, the more obvious became the fact that when a volume of up to 500 gross tons boat length must be equal to m 50-54”.

Designed to PLANA housing Overmarine added his expertise in the field of power plants. Like the Mangusta 165s have GranSport 54 four engines MTU 16V 2000 M96L with shaft drive and screws. The new generation of engines more compact and lighter, and more efficient. The results of testing in the pool and CFD (flow simulation) was great.

“And only after this we began to think about the comfort and design,” he added, Frediani.

Overmarine wanted to contribute to the project several distinctive features of Mangusta Oceano line. For example, the beach area, flybridge, lots of glass and 1.8-metre pool in the bow.

Mancini was working on a 45-meter version with these options. According to him, he was happy with the elongation of the boat, which was even bolder approach to the design of the exterior.

“It’s a dream for the designer, because it can make your boat even more elegant, like a blade. I wanted to achieve a balance between sportiness and elegance, and add the chart house signature style Mangusta. This is probably the longest cabin in my memory”.

At one time the company was worried that such a design is dangerous: the boat will be too streamlined, and low set.

“Wheelhouse angular, but try to sit down, and you will feel like a Lamborghini!”

According to Mancini, this is what inspired the purchase of the first owner who was looking for a sports yacht.

In the world of cars word GranSport means “high-performance” and “comfort”. Despite the slimness, Mangusta GranSport 54 seems spacious.

The flybridge was the hardest to build out of aluminium, admits David Bigotti (David Bigotti) of the Department of interior design Overmarine Group. Had a lot of welding to create its complex architectural form, and in particular — hardtop on the midsection with its smooth lines and glass inserts. In the end, this deck of 100 square meters there is a place for yoga, and for dining outdoors. The design is laid out in such a way that even sitting at a table under with hardtop, guests can enjoy views of the sea. On the nose — a large lounge area overlooking a splash pool. If the splash pool is perfect for children to play, for adults — beach club 70 squares, open on three sides, and a large lounge area on main deck aft.

Ceiling height in interior spaces comparable to any other conventional displacement hull yacht, which can not boast of the prefix “fast”: in the salon above the dining area, this important parameter reaches an impressive 2.6 metres. Windows from floor to ceiling make this space even more voluminous. In order to implement this idea, had to work hard and find creative solutions, for example for air-conditioning. Fan coil units were concealed in the oval buildings furniture located at the sides of the dining table.

Wide teak slats are laid transversely, which allows you to use the entire width of the boat — this technique Mancini learned while working on Oceano. Like the saloon, natural light in the master cabin forward on the main deck was extremely important for the designer. And Oceano, in the bathroom of the owner as an additional light source stands the glass-bottom pool, which plays the role of a skylight. Cabin, occupying the whole width of the building, has a balcony on the starboard side.

The first buyers GranSport was not the debutants, as expected, the shipyard, and longtime fans of the brand Mangusta.

“The owner came over from Miami on a yacht exhibition and immediately fell in love. When we explained that this boat for a long voyage with the drive shaft, it turned out that it’s exactly the boat he wanted. Most of his life, he took on the fastest boats, and now he finally has some free time, and he plans to see the world,” says Frediani.

The owners of the “El Leon” had a lot of their plans for the personalization of new products. Among such solutions is the hardtop painted in the colors of Silver Anniversary from DuPont and the use of blue tinting from Isoclima to the flybridge.

“I trusted customers, and the final result surpassed my expectations and the expectations of the customers, admits Mancini, who reacted without enthusiasm to the news that the buyer is particularly fond of glossy American walnut and ebony. — Wallpaper from Hermès and Rubelli combined with nubuck and other materials from the skin, resulting in a luxurious design. Most of the furniture is custom made: the only exceptions are two bar sofa from Minotti. The boat is not super modern, but very charming. The bathroom is owner of brown marble veneer, reminiscent of hardwood, combined with animal prints from Hermès under glass, creating the atmosphere of a tropical forest.”

The owners had other requirements relating to not finish and plan: for example, they needed increased office and garage for a 7.3-metre tender. Door type “gull-wing” cover two tender garage in the forepeak under the pool.

However, all these changes are not accidental.

“We all worked and were able to offer a variety of possible layouts, thanks for that Nicola Onori (Nicola Onori) and Pierre Finetti Giorgio (Pier Giorgio Finatti) from the technical Department. The model offers various options for layout: four cabins on the lower deck in addition to social areas like a gymnasium and a cinema, with the master cabin on the main deck; or two VIP cabins on the lower deck with two guest cabins and a master cabin on the main deck. If yahtovladeltsy declare themselves in the early stages of design, the highest possible degree of personalization”.

Frediani, admits he does not know how many boats will be built. At the moment there is a construction of the hull of the second boat.

After her debut in Saint-Tropez, where novelty met fans Mangusta “El Leon” appeared on the boat show in Monaco. This one is not going to stop: the further plans — going to the Caribbean sea. For the first time in the history of the shipyard “Leo” needs to conquer the oceans.

Thank body

PLANA Mangusta GranSport 54 describes as “quick and piercing wave” boat. Dynamic lifting force is used to control the trim and save the displacement of the travel at high speeds.

Thanks to computational fluid dynamics and testing in the test pool was Krupskoy modified form of the stern section. As a result, managed to achieve a configuration with four engines, but at the same time to increase the water flow to the propellers and the bow, which is equipped with Bulba and collecting.

The resistance value of the housing is comparable and even slightly superior to other types of quick buildings not equipped Bulba. for example, hull type deep V hull or with a double bow without bulb.

It is estimated that the resistance is reduced by 15-20% at speeds of 30 knots and 50% at speed of 15 knots.

“Serious improvement, which we subjected to a form bodimeade of the body, allowed to design a fast yacht with a length more than 50 meters, the maximum speed exceeding 30 knots with relatively small power consumption. You can easily accelerate to 25 knots and above, and all this to have a reserve of 4800 nautical miles at 12 knots and 3500 miles at 15 knots. This means that the Atlantic ocean can be crossed at the speed of 15 knots, which is unusual for motor yachts”.

Invisible tree

Alberto Mancini worked closely with the owners of El Leon and the Department of interior design Mangusta on the creation of a stylish interior, but he was granted relative freedom.

Among the favorite techniques of Alberto — use developments in the automotive world.

They can be seen in the exterior of the Mangusta GranSport 54, but the main work was done inside.

“We used a new type of veneer, which succeeded to achieve the effect of transparency. This is a new technology from Alpi, and she is already used to create dashboards of luxury cars. I asked the Builder to use this innovative material in the creation of illuminated columns at the entrance. In veneer integrated narrow transparent strip. The technology is so new that when the Builder asked the manufacturer how to glue, there just shrugged their shoulders. In this sense, it is impossible not to admire the talents of the shipyard workers, who were able to figure out how to place the coating on a semicircular Plexiglas. The final result, of course, can not but admire”.

Translated Denis Koshelev for itBoat.

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