Ahead – three decisive races


      Ahead – three decisive races
      Four races of the European Grand Prix Final were held yesterday in Puerto Portals in Mallorca – a new tournament that concludes the 2019 season in the Dragon class.

Ahead - three decisive races

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Recall that the top 20 crews are participating in the regatta following the results of a prestigious series of four Grand Prix stages (this series, as we reported yesterday, was won by Dmitry Samokhin, Russian yacht RUS76 Rocknrolla).

True, it will be more accurate to say – "participated". Because after four races yesterday, only ten will continue the fight. And among them – two teams under the Russian flag. Rocknrolla Samokhina finished the day in 4th place, RUS27 Annapurna of Anatoly Loginov – in 10th.

At the same time, the winner of the Friday races was also not a stranger to our team, but acting under the Italian flag – ITA77 Bunker Prince Eugene Braslavets. Thanks to this, the team received the right to perform in the final of the regatta, bypassing the quarter-finals and semifinals.

The second place following the results of Friday was taken by the German crew GER1207 Khalleesi, where the skipper is Nikola Friesen. This allowed the team to go straight to the semifinals.

The remaining eight “Dragons” today, on the decisive day of the regatta, will start the fight from the quarter-finals. And may the strongest win. But, of course, I want the Russian to be the strongest!

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121 Yesterday # 9689

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