Two in the golden fleet

January 26, 2019

      Two in the golden fleet
      According to the press service of the St. Petersburg school "Krestovsky Island", at Trofeo Euromarina Optimist Torrevieja in the Spanish city of Torrevieja, qualifying starts were held.

Two in the golden fleet

According to their results, the participants were divided into gold, silver, bronze and emerald fleets (the latter were lagging behind).

“Yesterday the north-west wind was 12-14 knots, but in the course of the day it increased and reached 18-20 knots by the beginning of the third race,” coach Ilya Elyshev sums up the preliminary results. – The organizers were able to hold 3-4 races in different fleets: in yellow and blue – three each, because the day before they still managed to hold one race each, and four races yesterday were held in the red and white fleets.

As a result, two of our athletes were selected in the golden fleet. Artem Gunker finished the qualification in 64th place, he has in the assets of the second and fifth parishes. A pleasant leap compared to last year. Danila Ivanov – at 73rd place (there is also a fifth parish in the asset). Maxim Bondar on the basis of the qualifying series took 102 place. Just a little is not enough to get into the "gold". In the last race, Maxim was eighth, ahead of world champion Marco Gradoni, and lost to him only at the finish. Very upset. But now it is one of the first in the start list of the silver fleet.

It should be noted that the rivals here are very skillful. Suffice to say that the current world champion is now in the fourth ten.

Our younger athletes are based below. Dima Eremin went to the bronze fleet, which is not so bad for him – 262 place out of 360 boats. In the first race, he started not very well and made a revolution on the rounding. Most likely from excitement. It is already clear what to work on.

Our girls are somewhat upset – they got into the last fleet. Sonya Pusheva did not manage to take a good start: in one of the races her opponent hit at the start, in the other they were not allowed into the first line. And these factors are not allowed to calm down and get together.

Stanislav Gunker can not prove himself in a serious competition. All go very fast. If you make a mistake at the start, there is practically no chance to recoup. For many countries, this regatta is already a qualifier for the world and Europe.

The competition will last two more days.

Preliminary results can be found here:

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