“To make the right conclusions…”

Today Enoshima (Japan) completed 1st stage of the world Cup in the Olympic classes.

The results of the regatta failed athletes representing at this competition, the Academy sailing of the Yacht club of Saint-Petersburg – Sergey Komissarov and Ivan Zotov.

Sergey Komissarov, the class “Laser Standard”: “the Main purpose of this trip was to study the conditions and waters which in 2 years will host the Olympic games. This part of the program was a success, although the regatta was not very traditional for these places weather conditions – mainly brusovye wind from the shore, apparently, the weather was affected by the recent Typhoon.

The result, of course, mattered, but it was difficult to reach its maximum after 3-week break. Regatta, alas, has not worked – or not worked out a tactical plan, or failed technical issues, plus banal bad luck. Thus, during the second day of racing I have had good arrivals in the top ten – 5th and 7th, but, unfortunately, won for the second race BFD. Well, the main thing – to draw correct conclusions. Now back home in Sochi, where he will continue training – after all, ahead of the championship of Russia. Thank you to everyone who supported us and supported!”

Ivan Zotov, Shkotovo, class 49th: “I’m Happy that tested the waters in Enoshima, now I have an idea about it. In my opinion, it is not as complex as, for example, in Aarhus. Plus managed a whopping 9 races to compete side by side with the best riders in his class yachts.

Try not to get upset about results as on the training of materiel was incredibly hard to fight this fleet, the lack of speed was very obvious.

Tried to ignore the numbers (of disk space and results in the races) and he improved his skills. Of course, on a normal boat the result would have been much higher.

Glad that took part in regattas. Thanks to the sailing Academy for funding the trip! Let’s move on.”

Evgeny Kitaev,

the press-Secretary of the Academy sailing of the Yacht club of Saint-Petersburg

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