Incredible interchange!

On Sunday in St.-Petersburg the championship of Russia in the class of yachts SB20.

On the eve of the last day of the regatta, by analyzing the current standings, it is hardly possible to assume that a belated spurt of the team of Kirill Frolov, her success in the second part of Saturday’s races, will be not empty “slam the door”, but the beginning of an incredible future climbing Champions to the Golden step of the podium of the championship of Russia. But Sunday’s race showed that life still is exciting: all four are marching ahead of the team, on order, at least once failed at precisely the moment when I should have just show your level. In the end, and MST, and the Victoria Sailing Team has dropped from among the winners and sailing squad Basalkina Artem and Anastasia Morozova lost not only the first but also second place.

Of course, the victory was necessary not only to wait for the gift from the competitors, but also to win. And this team Frolov managed to do brilliantly!

The first race of the resurrection began for the leaders hard: by the end looked like none of the teams first four have not yet reached a winning position. However, in the second loop, Melston Team was one of the best. And what about the rest of the contenders for the medals? Morozov was in sixth place, Grigoriev – on the eighth, and Posev and Tretyakov closed ten. Victory in this race Melston threw up literally on the last meters of the race, just one second ahead at the finish the team of Andrey Balakin and two – Igor Ginzburg.

The second race offered the participants a very different scenario is more understandable for leaders who confidently led the fleet right from the start took the usual fighting among themselves. Frolov, Tretyakov, Grigoriev, Posev, Morozov was among the first to finish the tacking. The only thing – on the top sign Melston had a decent lead and the race was very confident – as in tacking, and other. The further course of the race only confirmed this observation: to finish, the team of Kirill Frolov came on a minute earlier rivals. The VIS Sailing and Victoria, too, could bring the race to your asset by recording a two and three points respectively. You can not say about Anastasia Morozova: eight points in principled opposition – a heavy load!

Before the final start of the tournament situation tickled the nerves: the teams Morozova and Tretyakov 25 points, Frolov – 29. The medal race! To keep the advantage over the expendables Melston Team, Dmitry Tretyakov and Anastasia Morozova need not to lose to Kirill Frolov four positions. Oh, and incidentally to understand each other.

And here’s the start… the Team Morozova right away, Melston – left. The VIS Sailing occupies a position between them – rising to the top of the sign closer to the axis, which theoretically allows the crew to Dmitry Tretyakov in control of both teams, not too much risk to lose two of them at once, and at successful coincidence of circumstances – to go on the sign along with the leader.

But the plan is triggered only half, and the climb ends for the team is bad – on the 12-th position. Disaster! But even worse from Morozova. At this point, Melston Team will not stop: the team is champion of the first gate, the first ends and tacking with a lead of a minute and a half (!) breaks the finish line. To the credit of the rest of the winners, they also do not lower hands and fight to the finish, playing half of the lost early in the race seats. The VIS Sailing goes the distance with the fifth result and gaining an equal footing with Melston points, but additional indicators (number of first parishes) took second place. Anastasia Morozova, finishing seventh, allowing it three points ahead of Vadim Pusheva and eventually climb on a bronze step of a podium.

The results were summed up at the ceremony the chief judge of competitions Anna Deyanova: “what we saw today on the course was just great!”

Kirill Frolov (RUS 3708), champion of Russia in 2018:

– We create our own problems. There were breakdowns, missed the start in one of the races. Was vanity and nervousness. On Saturday, the first race without the gennaker. And then, apparently, realized that it is possible to have fun – and go. Gorgeous day, gorgeous condition! Screaming with delight when it was 12-15 knots. The mood is gorgeous! After the third time came first, was happy, not knowing the final results. And when I found out there was some kind of confusion. Not really believe it. On the podium I thought, but 15 points was difficult to play. We even somehow “nailed” while walking home. And then there was joy. Especially because for so many years we have tried to win this competition: the bronze was, and silver. But the Champions haven’t been, so it’s very exciting!

The results of the championship of Russia 2018 sailing in class SB20:

1. RUS 3708 (Kirill Frolov, Egor Ignatenko, Egor Terpigorev) – 30 points

2. ENG 3715 (Dmitry Tretyakov, Timur Sabirzyanov, Alexander Mikhailov) – 30

3. RUS 3712 (Anastasia Morozova, Artem Bailkin, Jan Basalkina, Alexei Lesnikov) – 32

4. ENG 3730 (Vadim Pusev, Ivan Gromov, Aleksei Kolobanov, Yuri Artemiev) – 35

5. ENG 3327 (Vasily Grigoriev, Denis Berezkin, Mikhail Markin) – 39

Andrei Petrov

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