The wind, what are you doing!

Next, the third day held in Genoa (Italy) world Cup-2019 joy riders did not. Because winds on Wednesday again almost was not.

As a result, there was talk that, well, nothing international Federation sail – World Sailing – chose this year’s Italian Genoa, which regularly have problems with the wind, French Yeru where the contrary is always blowing.

Law of the Federation or not, but the fact remains: it’s already Thursday, and in classes 470 (both men and women) and Finn still failed to make any races. The other situation is not much better. While the forecast is still not happy: today a maximum of 4 – 5 knots.

That’s the situation with the Russian sailors (in fact, over the past day it has not changed):

470 (men). From Russia claimed Paul Sozykin and Denis Gribanov. Race, as you already know, did not start.

470 (women). Russian crews there. The race kicked off.

49er. (65 teams). 57. Held 2 races. …57. Konstantin Nosov/ Alexander Gaydaenko (wards 28 – 27). …60. Jan Cech/ Ivan Zotov (wards 31 – 26).

49erFX. (49 teams). Held 2 races. …41. Zoya Novikova/ Diana Sabirova (wards 20 – 18).

Nacra 17. (40 crews). 1 held a race. …13. Maxim Semenov/ Alina schetinkin (7th ward). …25. Sergey Dzhienbaev/ Sofia Kiselyova (13th ward). In one of the fleets, where are Jienbaev and Kiseleva, took place the third race. Sergey and Sofia took 4-th place.

Laser. (109 participants). 1 held a race. …3. Sergey Komissarov (2nd ward). …7. Daniil Krutskikh (4th ward). …53. Cyril Evfimievski (27th ward).

Laser Radial. 1 held a race. The Russians no.

Finn. The race kicked off. The Russians do not.

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