Maslivets succeeded!

Sunday in Genoa (Italy) completes the third stage of the world Cup-2019. And the day before, Saturday, there were three medal races. In pictures, which we decided to illustrate this post, the winners of one of them – in the Nacra 17 class.

We know who took the gold? I think many people immediately knew who it was. The rest will explain. The more that there is something to tell.

Man – 42-year-old Iker Martinez, the Olympic champion of Athens 2004 in the 49er class, the silver prize-winner of Beijing-2008 in the same class.

As for the women, her name is Olga maslivets. To mention the age of the ladies is not in our rules, but this time will have to clarify – she 41. Participant four (!) Competitions the national team of Ukraine in the class of RS:X at the 2012 Games in Beijing, she was fourth, one step from the pedestal. In 2006 he won silver at the world Championships in 2011 and gold at the European Championships.

Quite happy sport fate. But in June 2016, the fate of this has taken a turn: 2 of June of that year, the IOC approved the transition of the Crimean maslivets in Russian citizenship. But that’s soon followed by a grimace all the same fate: the Olympics Olga go to Rio went young Stefania Elfwine that there won bronze.

What to do maslivets? In Russian national team it has not, and age is not girlish. But chase is still desirable and the sport will not go away. All of a sudden in 2017 Olga begins to speak in the class Nacra 17. For Spain. With Iker Martinez.

And now they have become winners of the world Cup! Cool! Both – with the win, but Olga is so warm.

To make you understand: never before maslivets won the Cup stages; once had second, third… And now – finally!

The silver in Genoa was conquered by the British Ben Saxton (world champion 2017) and Nicola Boniface. And the third step of the podium rose the famous Olympic Champions in 2016, the Argentines Santiago Lange and Cecilia Carranza.



Well, now it’s time to move on to the prose of life. In any of the medal races Saturday (except Nacra 17, was awarded the awards at the 49er and 49erFX) representatives of the Russian national team has not got, we talked about this yesterday. About who won in these disciplines, you will learn, become acquainted with the technical results. We note only that the third place in the 49er took back in Olympic sports Champions Games-2016 and the winners of the America’s Cup the new Zealanders Peter Burling and Blair TUC.


In Sunday’s medal races the representatives of our team, alas, is also not found. Including the one we were hoping for. Everyone has reasons why they performed so quite objective. But that does not help. Neither we nor above all the guys.
Here what results they finished. 470. Paul Sozykin/ Denis Gribanov – 30-e a place. Laser. Sergey Komissarov – 17-th place, Daniil Krutskikh – 25-e, Cyril Evfimievski – 55th. In three classes, the Russians generally were not provided.

Detailed results –!/results?classId=681a89b8-b15a-4932-b826-14252e4928fb

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