The opening ceremony was held in the museum

October 28, 2019

      The opening ceremony was held in the museum
      217 athletes from 45 countries came to Croatia to take part in the world championship in the classes “Laser Standard” and “Laser Radial”. Here's what the RUS Youth Sailing Team page says:

The opening ceremony was held in the museum

Competitions will be held in one of the oldest cities in the world – Split, so it was decided to hold the opening ceremony in the Archaeological Museum of the city. At the opening came the silver medalist of the Olympic Games Rio de Janeiro, the Croatian yachtsman Tonchi Stipanovic. The athlete made a solemn speech and wished the young participants good luck.

Russia at the World Championships is represented by Ekaterina Bereza, Ekaterina Guseva, Maria Kislukhina, Valeria Lomatchenko, Daniil Krutskikh, Nikita Melnikov and Ilya Vyunov.
After the opening ceremony, we managed to talk with the coach of the Russian national team Maxim Semerkhanov, who spoke in detail about the conditions that are expected at the world championship in Split and about the chances of our athletes.

“Weather conditions are expected to be difficult, mainly with weak and unstable winds. There are a lot of applicants for victory, and the results can be completely unexpected. We hope our guys will confidently withstand the competition and compete for high places, ”the trainer said.

Yachtsmen of the Laser Standard class will be divided into two fleets. The total number of declared participants in this class is 146 athletes. Girls will race in the same group. A total of 71 athletes will compete.

We believe in our team and wish you good luck!

Official site of the regatta –

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