Remaining four races

Looks like battles played out on the “Cup of Vladivostok” every Wednesday on the Amur Bay among the sailing crew class “Konrad 25 R” and Platu 25, reached its climax. Of the 12 races completed eight, and now every important. Breaks on points less, the struggle fiercer.

In category Platu 25 (number of participants – 11) the top three, apparently, decided: “Alice”, Depeche Mode and Metallica fighting for the Cup the strongest of the crew. Yesterday, July 17, first to the finish brought his yacht “Alice” Vladimir Ermakov, followed by Valery Dychenko, Vyacheslav Seleznev Metallica third. While points leader Depeche Mode, and the winner of past seasons – the crew of “Alice” is only in third position.

But other teams are not far behind. Have the same “Alice” number of points – 8 – equal with the crew “the team”, and the girls with Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin – 12. Therefore, any of these yachts can compete for a place in the top three.

Yesterday, the first at the finish in the “Conrado” noted Evgeny Lyubimov and “tango,” adding in his piggy Bank more point, however, at the end while the team only on the 6th position in the standings. At the top of the chart Dmitry is Last and his team Twist. Behind him Sergei Silkin on the “tuning Fork”, the third “Impulse”, and in 4th place was suddenly broken by the yacht “Ariel”. By the way, “Momentum”, “Ariel” and Okey equal number of points – for 9, so the question is on the third place remains open. Total group “Konrad 25 R” are fighting for the victory of 9 teams.

Front, as has been said, still four races to determine the winners in each class.

Recall the race of the regatta “Cup of Vladivostok” are held every Wednesday throughout the summer starting may 22 and ending August 14. 12 races will determine the strongest captain in the most popular classes of yachts Vladivostok – “Konrad 25 R” and Platu 25. These yachts are designed for crews of 4-5 people and ideal for short dynamic races, where, in addition to the skill of yacht management, the determining factor is the ability to choose the right strategy.

Regatta “Cup of Vladivostok” dedicated to the memory of the seaside yachtsman, one of the pioneers of sailing in Primorye George M. Dragilev.

Yana Konoplitskaya,
press center yacht club “Seven Feet”

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