The first pictures of a miracle

July 19, 2019

      The first pictures of a miracle
      You would never guess what is shown in these pictures. Maybe something cosmic? Or, on the contrary, scuba?

The first pictures of a miracle

© Vela

No, ladies and gentlemen! Before you – the new Imoca 60, which was invented by the famous yacht designer Guillaume Verdier, and built at the Italian shipyard Persico Marine.

They built, I must say, in an atmosphere of complete secrecy. Some data about this yacht was still leaked to print, but there were no pictures – these are most likely the very first ones (they were published today by the Italian newspaper Vela). And they, alas, can not give a complete picture of how the boat looks. It remains to be guessed …

Tom Ruyan will be the skipper of this space yacht. On account of the 36-year-old Frenchman many victories – including, for example, in the Route du Rhum. He was a member of the Vendee Globe – however, he did not win any special laurels. Maybe succeed in the world race, which starts in 2020?

Well, the very first start for the Ruyan and his yacht will be the Transat Jacques Vabre 2019. So let's see what this sailing miracle is capable of!

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