The first bionic raburabu with artificial intelligence

BIKI — the first bionic raburabu with artificial intelligence from Robosea


BIKI is the first wireless bionic underwater drone, or a simple raburabu created by a team of Robosea.

It is the most powerful, eco-friendly and portable wireless underwater drone, which makes fantastic pictures underwater. The underwater world is a boundless mystery to humans, but with this “fish” you certainly will discover a bit of the underwater Wonderland.

BIKI the only underwater robot camera with auto balancing function to prevent the obstacles and the ability to independently return to base. This drone is small but powerful. Supporting 4K camera, he will reveal you the best views of the underwater world.

In fact, BIKI — it’s not really a drone, it is a real robot pet with artificial intelligence, which is full of emotions. Tell BIKI, what you want to do, and he visualizes the underwater world from a whole new perspective.



Its speed is 1.12 miles per hour, and you can operate the camera for 90-120 minutesat depths up to 60 meters. Very well, even for professional divers! You can configure it so that it floated with you in your rhythm, or to swim wherever you can’t get. With its wide-angle lens, you will not miss any interesting moment around. Darkness is not a problem, since the drone is equipped with fluorescent lamps. As for memory, BIKI has 32 GB, which is enough for two and a half hours of video or 5000 photos.

Even during quick movements or in the dark, the drone is able to stabilize the camera for smooth video and sharp pictures, with HD motion camera and stabilizer that is mounted on the eccentric head pan and tilt. That is, if you see that rebrobate shakes from side to side, the picture quality can not survive. The essence of the stabilizer, the developers explained on the chicken, literally: “do not shake Like a chicken with her head always in a stable position”. And like a Dolphin BIKI uses a bionic sonar, to locate objects in his environment. So it’s wireless. Yeah, nature has provided everything long before people began to create new “creatures”.


Although, unlike many, BIKI a very nice thing. He moves through the caudal fin of rubber, and can adjust and control the direction of movement. The technology used for the tail fin, based on the theory of vortex dynamics of fluid Pockets. No matter how complex underwater environment, BIKI can quickly move back and forth in the coral reef with automatic prevention of obstructions using infrared rays.

We confidently seize underwater world, but the developers BIKI hope that the mysterious world can be saved in the same peaceful and beautiful as before. Using ultra-silent technology and bionics, the robot can swim like a real fish and not disturb the underwater biosphere.


Bionic raburabu BIKI from Robosea


Also, he can be your assistant, and even a family member. BIKI can accompany your children in the pool and help to monitor their safety, thanks to its unique bionic design.

Don’t be afraid to lose this friend in the sea. Built-in GPS allows BIKI automatically return to base and send your location in real time on a mobile device. Regardless of the temperature from 0 to 70°C, aggressive marine environment or prolonged sunlight, BIKI will always be in excellent condition.

BIKI on Kickstarter


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