How is Mark and Suzy?


      How is Mark and Suzy?
      According to #EsmeraldaOK, the recent participants of the Golden Globe Race Mark Slats and Susie Goodall dispersed the yacht Ohpen Maverick to more than 7 knots and came out on top in the second stage of the race # AZAB2019. The conditions for the race are excellent now: fresh wind and calm ocean.

How is Mark and Suzy?

But the most interesting is waiting for us closer to the finish when the yachts enter the zone of weak and mostly headwinds. Speed, of course, will decrease. But skippers will have the opportunity to demonstrate their skills in a variety of weather conditions. Remember, Jean-Luc, who passed such zones in # GGR2018 at a speed of about 5 knots. It seemed that he could not stop even complete calm.

For now – we worry about our friends and Ohpen Maverick –

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