Macif collided with unidentified object

End of the fifth day that started in Brest (France) Brest race Atlantiques, which involved four Maxi-trimaran class Ultim. Now the route (total length of which is 14 thousand nautical miles) guides participants through the Atlantic to the coast of Brazil.

Position on the course is. Trimarans entered in the Equatorial calm strip. Continues to lead the Maxi Edmond de Rothschild (skippers – Frank Kamma and Charles Cedrela), the second is Macif (françois Gabaret /Gwenola the Gain), the distance between them increases. At 9 am Moscow time on Sunday, it was 76 miles. The speed of the “Massif” only 2.7 per node, while the “Rothschild” is 15.2.

This is explained primarily by the fact that on the eve of Macif at the latitude of Cape Verde is faced with an unidentified object, which had damaged the rudder of the main hull. The crew at impact was not injured and decided to continue the race, to reach the shores of Brazil, and the repair in one of the local ports.

Third in the race is Sodebo Ultim 3 (Volume Covill /Jean-Luc Nelia), gradually approaching the Macif and is now lagging from the leader of 94.4 miles. The fourth is no Actual Leader (skippers – Yves Le Blevio /Alex Pella) – 295 miles backlog.

Passed about 20 percent of the total distance. Recall that the trimarans will have to walk around the Islands Cagarras (five kilometers from Rio) and take a course on South Africa, and get to it, go around Robben island (12 km from Cape town) – then to turn back to Brest, where they on Tuesday took the start.

The race website at Brest Atlantiques –

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