Diving in Thailand

The clean waters of Thailand and the bright sun make this a perfect for diving. The depths of the sea pose a unique treasure: the remnants of long ago shipwrecks, the unique beauty of coral reefs and eye-catching awesome fish.

But in order to feel all that mysterious
beauty, need to know not only the best places for diving, but also know when
it is best to do.

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When Thailand opens the naval arms?

Tropical country awaits divers all year round. The temperature of the dry season
varies widely: from 18 to 32°C and monsoon rains that
end until the end of October, raising the limit to 26-34°C and bring a dose of extreme sports.

Bordering Thailand from several sides – the Gulf of Thailand and the Andaman sea. Despite the year-round readiness to take the dive tourists, the best underwater visibility of the Andaman sea
the month of November until the end of April, in the Western part of the Gulf of Thailand the
clear water in February-may and in the East in November-March.

Pearl of diving Thailand

The Gulf of Thailand is considered to be more shallow dive area
regarding the Andaman sea, that attracts
more beginners diving. Almost the entire Bay
dotted with sites for exciting dives.

The best of them:

  • The province of Chumphon is
    endless coastal reefs and rich marine fauna. Here you can get special
    the pleasure of night diving.
  • “The island of coconut trees” Samui
    – the third largest island of Thailand. Almost
    surrounded by coral reefs and about 60 small islets, the waters of which teem with
    anemones. You can’t visit in Samui and visit the rock Sail.
  • On Koh Tao, the divers there are 5 for beginners the most exciting dive sites: Top Chumphon and Nanguan, Green, and White rock, the band rock piles Gemini. During one visit to any of these places you can see as much as does not encompass all the other areas combined.

The most experienced divers
it will be interesting in the deep expanses of the Andaman
sea. Visibility sometimes reaches around 50 m. These waters attract
unique coral reefs and exotic underwater

Best places:

  • Island Phi Phi is convenient because places to stay divers located as close to the points of immersion. Here you can see almost all possible types of coral fish.
  • Similan Islands – best submersible
    an archipelago consisting of 9 Islands. Here are the best from all over Asia
    points for diving: the Alley Fish (a magical place for night diving), the Bay of Donald duck (named after the cartoon character), East of Eden (spectacular place, shrouded in blue and
    purple coral), Stonehenge (teeming with diverse marine life), etc.
  • The most beautiful and interesting point in Krabi province is an archipelago of Koh Haa, Riely beaches and AO Nang, as well as a real marine reserve.
  • The waters of the Mergui archipelago allowed himself only for experienced divers, since its underwater expanses to the end has not yet been studied. Here in any moment you can feel like a real pioneer.
  • On the island of Phuket is the most ambitious in the country, the diving centre. There are a lot of deep rocky reefs, easy to communicate with whale sharks and many manta rays.

Special attention is given Pattaya
– the starting point in the history of diving. Water about
this city is famous among divers in the vicinity
ship “Nardep”, which sank in the days
The second World war.

Also here you can get acquainted with sea turtles,
spotted stingrays, a unique starfish and blue coral
reefs (the island of Ko Chang, hin Rap South, hin Kuak Maa, hin and there Flowed).

What is “cave diving”?

Tired of simple diving into the sea depths and want
exotic water fun? Thailand is very
long considered one of the most interesting places in the world for cave diving. Almost the entire coast is dotted with chalk
caves going off to the abyss.

The most interesting cave is recognized as the Twin Cathedral-like
the temple with two halls, where it is very convenient to observe numerous
turtles, squid and sobravime sharks. This is one of the most
noteworthy points for dives within the archipelago of Koh Lanta.

Experienced divers can explore the deep around
the Kingdom of the caves of Tham Sra
Kaeo. The maximum depth is 240 m, but the
visited her passages located at a depth of 84 m.

Very nice place – Reef Anemones. There you can see not
only different types of anemones and their exotic fish, but
visit sunken around (to a depth of 32 m) king Cruiser (85-meter
a passenger ship ran aground and sank in 2000). And will not
only admire its ruins, but also to swim inside (visit the
ship attribute it to the category of cave diving).

What else can
entertain Thailand?

This tropical area is popular not only diving. Fishing in Thailand will give pleasure not only for beginners but also the professionals of fishing.
A special delight here delivers sports type fishing, in which
the tourists an opportunity to participate personally in the capture of a rare, the most
large trophy fish.

And thanks to yachting in Thailand, tourists have a unique chance as possible
a closer look at the heavenly beauty and scenery of this amazing
tropical Kingdom.

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