Waves to be afraid of


      Waves to be afraid of
      The waves, which were told by colleagues working on the #Esmeralda OK page, should be known not only by the yachtsman, but also by the person who decided to take a boat ride along the coast.

Waves to be afraid of

Cross waves are beautiful. But it is better to admire them from the shore. After all, even a little excitement is dangerous.

To the wave you need to turn either the bow of the boat or stern, trying to secure the board. In the case of a cross wave, this is not possible. How not to turn, the wave will hit the side. And to turn the boat a blow to the side of the wave is easiest.

Do not forget about the ability of waves to overlap one another and as a result become much more dangerous.

The reasons for the occurrence of cross-waves are many: winds, currents, features of the underwater relief and coastline … But to understand the causes and predict the appearance of transverse waves is the matter of skippers. But to know about their deceit is necessary for everyone who is going to manage … well, at least an inflatable mattress.

It is just as important as knowing that a sudden line of water receding from the shore is a sign of an approaching tsunami.

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