As there is in Bermuda?

Bermuda was the first conference World Sailing, which was attended by over four hundred delegates from 68 countries.

Official website of the WFTU published the reports of three Russian representatives in committees and subcommittees World Sailing. We felt that we needed these reports to reprint.

Jan Dobrzycka – about the work of the Subcommittee match racing Committee sportprogramm:

On 28 October in the hotel “Fairmont Southampton” (Bermuda) held a meeting of the Subcommittee of the match racing Committee sportprogramm WS under the leadership of Elizabeth Bailey (USA), which discussed the results of work of the Subcommittee over the past year and plan for the next.

The main focus was on the competitions that come under the auspices of the Subcommittee of match racing. This is the world championship in match race among women, the world championship in match race (juniors and juniors till 23 years), world championship in match race among visually impaired athletes, Nations Cup and World match race Tour.

The Subcommittee praised the organization and conduct of the world championship in match race held on 11-17 August 2019 in Yekaterinburg on the basis of the Provincial yacht club “KOMATEK”. The competition was attended by 12 teams from 12 countries: Australia, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, great Britain, Italy, Japan, New Zealand, Poland, Russia, Sweden and the United States. The winner was team Australia. Following the world championship in this discipline will be held from 25 February to 1 March 2020 in Auckland (New Zealand).

Soon the campaign will begin to receive bids to host the women’s world championship and world superiority among juniors (to 23 years) in 2021, 2022 and 2023. and the world championship among visually impaired athletes and Nations Cup in 2021.

For 2019 working groups on youth match-flight (head Rolly M.) and ranking match racing (head Ya Dobicka) have jointly prepared a proposal for the amendment of the rules of WS (submission), which will create a youth rating in match race. This rating is an extract from the open rating and will consist of juniors under the age of 23 years. The purpose of this rating: to facilitate the participation of youth crews in high-level competitions and teaching them new skills and experience match races, to create a platform to encourage young athletes to increase the number of top-rated youth tournaments in match race. The Subcommittee unanimously supported this proposal. Further, it will be considered in the Committee of sportprogramm and submitted to the Council of WS.

Also heard reports of the working groups:

rating and grading for match racing;

– the nomination of judges for the competition (EAWP);

– female match-flight;

– according to the rules of match racing;

– the development of youth match-flight;

– organization and flight management match races.

Tatiana Ermakova – the work of the Subcommittee of the judges of the race Committee and the organizers of the competition:

– A meeting of the Subcommittee of the judges of the race Committee and the organizers of the competition took place on 27 October. It was attended by the members of the Subcommittee, Vice President of WS Anna Sanchez (Spain), specialists in working with the judges WS Megan Griffs and Maddie Dunn, observers.

The purpose of the work of the Subcommittee and the main directions of its activities up to 2020:

– Training of judges, especially in countries where not enough judges racing the high-level Committee;

– Involvement of young judges, especially women, to work in the General Ledger;

– Use of modern technologies for better quality work when placing the course at the starts and finishes, as well as to monitor the yacht at the start;

– Joint work with the sub-Committee Olympic classes Committee sportprogramm to develop new formats for the world Cup and the Olympic games;

– Continued work on preparation for the Games-2020 in Tokyo: training of judges of the civil code, the preparation and testing of equipment, development of guidance documents etc.

The meeting began with a closed session to consider the documents of judges of the civil code, claiming the title of international judges GK WS for the first time and confirming the international category. The list of judges who have fulfilled all the requirements, was prepared and sent to the judiciary Committee for approval.

Was approved the list of instructors, clinics and seminars on flight management in the year 2020, it was decided to appoint a working group on the revision of training materials and training of judges.

During the report of the working group on the development and education of judges, it was noted that due to budget cuts WS reduced the number of clinics and workshops of the international sailing Federation. So in 2019 it took only two clinics and two seminars for judges of the Ledger for the expense of WS, whereas previously it was conducted on 4-5 each event annually. This year Japan, as the host country of the next Olympic games, had the advantage “in the queue” for the right to host the seminar and clinic. Russia to 2019 refused to conduct a workshop on flight management, which was planned in the month of June in St. Petersburg, due to lack of funds.

Also again raised the issue of the requirement of MoCA to ensure gender equality not only among athletes-participants of the Olympic games, but also among judges. The goal of WS – as close as possible to the proportion 50% to 50% for the Olympic games in 2024. In this regard, is actively working to recruit women to work in the collegiums of judges.

The Chairman of the Subcommittee on the flight management Thomas Duggan (USA) spoke about the successful use of tablets in the world Cup WS for recording the starts of races. The iPad application was the most effective of all previously tested with assistive technology. The advantage is that all the entries become available immediately. When the false starts, the judges can in one motion to increase the image, for example, to see the number on the sail is “guilty” of the yacht. Also it is possible to reduce the number of requests for redress in connection with violations at the start. Judge GK just gives the doubters in his violation of the racers and their coaches watch a replay of the start, which is usually clearly visible, where and at what time was the boat. Also as a bonus, this interaction subsequently causes athletes more confidence to the judges.

Actively discussed the issues of preparation for work in Tokyo 2020.

There are certain difficulties in placing several distances on the water Enoshima. This is due to the large depths in the area of future distance races, a large number of fishing nets and the impossibility of placing of the race close to the shore because of the surf, etc.

Despite all these difficulties, the experts of the Subcommittee, conducted staff training in Enoshima and worked there in several competitions, really appreciate the level of Japanese referees. Despite the fact that when placing characters at the depth of 100 meters, for example, the anchor sinks to the bottom for 1.5 minutes, and a lot more time required to pick it up, the judges installers need just a few minutes to quickly and accurately move the whole distance.

During the pre-Olympic regatta in 2019 Enoshima tested was the system of work of the Chairman of GC and a small team of judges on the shore in the cockpit, which broadcast live information from trackers. Thus, the main judge, working on the shore, can simultaneously observe the work and assist the senior judges at several distances. By the way, it was noted that the quality of the work tracking system, their accuracy is significantly increased, while the cost is reduced. Judge GK see a great future in using trackers in refereeing, not just for lighting regattas of the highest level. Future changes in the racing rules of sailing definitions of “start” and “finish” on the body, including help in the use of trackers in the future to determine false starts and dealing with controversial finishes.

Also for the judges of the race committees will be useful to know about some important changes to the guidance document for judging the Olympic classes “Policy Ledger”.

Is now established the following recommendations:

any start to give an even minute (for example, exactly 11:53.00);

– the minimum wind strength for the races – 5 nodes (was 4);

– finish between the blue flag on the judicial ship on one side and familiar on the other (no more orange flags at the finish line);

– describes the hand signals for athletes who need help;

– recommended to use the flag V in the main housing vessel when in stormy weather need the help of all official vessels to ensure the safety of athletes;

– when conditions for gliding, the start of the boards to give galfvind;

– providing a separate column in the results of the standard punishment;

– use Black flag + flag E for a more severe punishment at the start to avoid numerous attempts to send the fleet to the race (especially when multiple fleets on the same course).

Anastasia Chernoff – about the work of the Subcommittee youth competitions:

This year the meeting was attended by five members from USA, UK, Canada, Australia and Russia. In total, the Committee’s nine members, only two of them have real experience in world Championships, World Sailing.

Issues on the agenda: the Youth Olympic games in 2022, the world championship World Sailing, the program participation of developing countries, the strategy of youth competitions.

World championship World Sailing

In the beginning of the meeting there were presented the report of the technical delegate about the last WS in 2019 world championship. Was commended the host organization. This year the competition introduced many new and worked successfully: electronic Bulletin Board information for participants; measuring Committee, which was especially important in class RS:X, as the participants were in their equipment; with the teams going a Deposit for the equipment, but it clearly worked the system of payment of the Deposit until the first race of the next day in the event of damage, failures and all the teams clearly followed the requirements of the competition; first time did not have any complaints about teams or athletes from the hotel and the host organization.

The organizers of the Championships 2020 (in Brazil) and 2021 (in the Netherlands) gave a short information about the readiness for the upcoming competitions. The preparation is in normal mode, objects are tested by the national teams of these countries in the domestic competitions.

In 2022 and 2023 contracts not yet signed. For 2022, there is only one application of Australia (Victoria) and most likely it will be adopted, and in 2023 the competition will be open soon.

Strategy of development of system of youth competitions

Major themes: what we want to 5-8 years, as we combine the tasks of the world championship WS (preparation for Olympic classes) and Youth Olympic games (platform for innovation) and to build these two major youth competitions in a single system.

It is important to evaluate this competition from the point of view of the participating countries and the host countries. There is a tendency to the interest of the countries-participants since the competition is the most prestigious in the age range to 19 years, but there is extremely low interest of the host countries, so in recent years, receives one application for each year.

Until may 2020, the Subcommittee will outline the steps and actions to build a work structure that will increase interest in the competition from both sides. World championship WS must take a leading place in the system of youth competitions.

Youth Olympic games-2022

This will be the third Youth Olympic games, and the first in which the IOC gives international Federation the right to determine discipline, formats and classes. The IOC would like to see in the program Windsurfing and kiteboarding, but WS insists on adding a Dinghy alone.

Today is not known the exact date of competitions will take place in October-November in Dakar (Senegal). Sailing will be based on the beach, which complicates the participation of the discipline at the yacht twos, as the participants should be easy to get off the beach at any tide. Also, the IOC and WS will focus on the interests of African countries, where priority is given to singles.

World Sailing wants to join the Olympic program and youth program in an integrated mechanism. It was a very long discussion on the main goals of the competition, the coordination of the programme of the Youth Olympic games and the Olympic games, disciplines.

In the end, the Subcommittee made the following suggestions:

If the IOC will allocate more than 120 quotas and 6 medals in sailing, the program will be the following: Windsurfing, kiteboarding, Dinghy alone (all – men and women);

If the IOC will allocate more than 120 quota and 5 medals in sailing, the program will be as follows: Windsurfing and Dinghy-loner (male and female), kiteboarding mixed (as in the adult program of the Olympic games);

If the IOC will emit less than 120 quotas for sailing, the Subcommittee will return to the discussion of the program.

It is important to know that the final programme of the YOG needs to be in the IOC until the end of 2019, and only then will there be a discussion of the formats and equipment that need to be approved in may 2020.

The same Anastasia Chernoff – about the work of the Commission of coaches.

Commission meeting coaches is closed. This Commission is an Advisory body to guide the international Federation and makes recommendations on the issues.

Issues: held in Enoshima pre-Olympic regatta, the new strategy of the World Sailing competitions, the Olympic games in 2024 and the Youth Olympic games in 2022, a comprehensive world Cup 2022, the regulation on supervision of the coaching boats, the registration of trainers, etc.

Olympic games-2020

Less than a year before the Olympic games in Tokyo, and unresolved issues so much that three years is not enough.

Here are some of the key:


Equipment for the RS:X. There is a risk that the participants will have to bring their own equipment, whereas previously it was always provided by the organizers. The main reason is that WS has no contract with the manufacturer of the RS:X, and that, in turn, is not ready to “throw away” € 200,000 to produce the equipment, which the international Federation may not be included in the programme of the Olympic games in 2024, and that it will be impossible to continue to implement. And the manufacturer can understand.

Equipment Nakra. Every year, new manufactured equipment varies in quality, weight, etc. there is No strict measurement of individual parts. For example, a new mast is heavier than the old, and the secondary market right now is the battle for the search of old masts they are more expensive new. Perhaps we should specify the numbers that can be used, as is done with fins on the RS:X.

The Commission’s recommendations of coaches to the Executive Committee:

As soon as possible but no later than April 2020, to prepare specifications for equipment to the Olympic games. All class rules must be approved by the World Sailing. It is necessary to strengthen the control equipment (measuring at the Olympic games), now it is paid insufficient attention. Our task is to remove the “grey zone”, the criteria for equipment should be as clear and well defined.

Territory, security and medicine:

The organizers of the Games-2020 is still no clear plan on the safety in case of typhoons.

Bad telecommunication system, there is a language barrier.

Medical care is poorly developed that was visible on situations for a test event (pre-Olympic regatta).

Poorly secured conditions for parties (showers, toilets, recreation areas, etc.)

The Commission’s recommendations of coaches to the Executive Committee:

It is important to have two test events in the Olympic cycle, otherwise the organizers have less than year to eliminate all the problems.

You need to give clear instructions to the organizers, what and how to improve.

We need a clear plan of action in case of a Typhoon: time for measurement to increase security and awareness.

Technical delegates had made over 50 recommendations to the organizers, 20 of which belong to the racing part, 30 – to the overall organization.

Then was heard a great report of the Medical Commission, which will be sent to all national federations. The main problem is the hot conditions and the possible consequences for athletes, as it can greatly affect the results.

The Commission’s recommendations of coaches to the Executive Committee:

Cooling vests can be used before and after races, but not during the race. This applies to any type of cooling vest.

On boats you can use awnings or umbrellas, but they must be securely fastened. On the shore at the Parking place of boats will also be possible to put tents, but only in strictly designated for the country areas, and the size of each awning defines itself.

It is important, whatever the safety advice from the medical Commission is a sport, and race should be made the chief judge based on the quality and fairness of racing.

The participants discussed current issues of preparation of the object. Commission trainers gave advice on nutrition, logistics, bases on the territory of the club, coaching equipment, limiting the number of boats from the country, etc.

The FIFA world Cup 2022

The championship will be held in the first or second week of August. The site is completely ready. In 2021 it will be a world championship WS, and from July to September 2021 – competitions and clinics for all Olympic classes.

The Commission was shown the quotas for admission, which was prepared by the Department of activities of WS, in General, they are all staged. It is expected 890 1280 boats and athletes. The selection system has not yet been determined.

The Commission’s recommendations of coaches to the Executive Committee:

To make a program for the participation of team leaders in the world championship-2021 for review, in addition to certain quotas.

The strategy of the competition 2021-2028

Presented the revised strategy at 2021-2028 years. Its main idea is to get away from the stage of the world Cup due to its insolvency (expensive, congested calendar, etc.). To leave only one regatta Cup finals, which will be allowed for the rating of a larger number of participants between 50 and 70 in the class.

The new structure of the calendar and rating is proposed on this basis:

Key events – Olympic games, world Championships, world Cup, test-event (pre-Olympic regatta).

Continental competition, continental Championships, European classical complex competition (Palma, hyères, Kiel) and competitions in other continents.

Regional competitions, continental championship

The World Sailing world championship and Youth Olympic games

Sports Director WS and Anastasia Chernova informed the Board of coaches on the eve of the last meeting of the Subcommittee of youth competitions and our decisions.

In General, the decisions of the Subcommittee were endorsed by the Commission of coaches. All expressed the wish that Anastasia Chernova informed the Commission of further discussions and decisions on the Youth Olympic games.

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