There are eight!

October 15, 2019

      There are eight!
      Fifty-year-old American Randall Reeves (we have already written about his sailing Vigure8Voyage more than once) became the first yachtsman who managed to describe the "eight" during one voyage – to loop around both the Americas (via the Canadian Northwest Passage) and Antarctica.

There are eight!

True, his original plan was to conduct a trip around the two continents, not only alone, but also non-stop. Alas, nothing came of this. Before his recent passage through northern Canada, Randall Reeves had to make a repair stop in Halifax, Newfoundland.

Reeves began his voyage a year ago in San Francisco. From there he headed south to walk around Cape Horn east. He then made a circle around the South Pole along the "roaring forties." Walking 110 days later, Cape Horn a second time, he turned north and headed up the Atlantic. All this part of the voyage went non-stop until he reached Halifax in Nova Scotia. Then Reeves managed to pass the Northwest Passage with several intermediate stops: in Nuuk (Greenland), Cambridge Bay (Canada) and Nome (Alaska).

Leaving the Bering Sea, Reeves turned south to complete the last loop of his G8 – his project, which he dubbed Figure8Voyage. This Saturday, he will pass in front of the press under the Golden Gate Bridge and moor in San Francisco. He will have almost 40,000 nautical miles behind the stern.

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