Malta ended Euromed regatta

Successful for the young Russian athletes in the class “Optimist” was jubilee, the 20th season of the international Euromed regatta in Malta. In the main fleet, which were prepared by the athletes of the “Optimist” class, Kirill Shanenkov entered the top ten of the overall standings.

Participation in the Malta regatta Euromed – traditional program number pre-season training for Russian athletes. This year, with the support of the Association “Optimist” class, the Russian team has been greatly expanded. The team included athletes from Sevastopol, Moscow, Gelendzhik, Krasnodar , St. Petersburg and Azov. Participants must be aged 10-14 years (2005 – 2009 p). Recruitment in the experimental group took place at common ground on the basis of medical test and sports achievements.

More than a week’s stay of the Russian team in Malta was eventful. Before the start of the Euromed was collected under the guidance of coaches Vadim Mekhanikov, Anna Basalkina, Kristina Ezhova and Denis Razumovich. Also to work with a private group was invited to coach the school 8 Days a Week David Labrash.

The distribution on groups of different age and training of the athletes was calculated on an individual approach to each athlete. Conducted theoretical and practical training on the water, which was accompanied by a video shot and work on the bugs.

To start the scoring of the competition the team came in good shape. But the program Euromed 2019 was constantly in jeopardy due to prognoziruemost storm from the South directions. And, indeed, the final days of the competition took place in fresh winds, but all 12 scheduled races were held.

Wind significantly influenced the results of the Russian sailors. Finishing ninth in the overall standings, the winner of superiority of Russia Kirill Shanenkov opened the competition 67. But gradually was able to get much higher, and in the final race came in second.

A similar trajectory was moving and senior fellow of Cyril, a graduate of the command to “Rout” and the Academy, Andrew centurions – 35-th line in the first day, he with six wards in the top ten has risen to 15th place in the overall standings.

For younger but experienced athletes of the team, a fresh wind over 20 knots are still a difficult challenge. “Academician” Nikita Black the tournament was opened the 15th with a victory and the second coming, but finished 27th, while the qualifications held perfectly.

Quite a bit not enough to medal in the girls competition the prize-winner of superiority of Russia Varvara Iourieva from Noumea. At the start of the regatta she was in the third ten (12th among girls), but found the strength and finished fourth in their group and 46th overall.

Also fourth in the Junior main fleet (Cadet) finished Nikolai Larchenkov.

Only the gold fleet of the regatta with more than 200 participants from 25 countries consisted of six Russians.

Pleased with the success of young Russian sailors in the group “Beginners,” which competed in separate races. Here from the start was in the lead and defeated the Muscovite Alexander Pascenco. In the girls competition there was a struggle between the Russians, which was won by the representative sailing dynasty Veronica Basalkina, overtaking also the Scion of a famous sailing family Elizabeth Kehlata from Sebastopol, which was the first at the start of the competition.

“Traditionally, Euromed provides a very good training camp and a lot of data to plan subsequent training, says the competition one of the coaches of the Experimental group of the Association of Denis Razumovic, for Example, in the current season of the Maltese fleet was updated, a lot of young athletes as we do. Accordingly, it is interesting to analyze the performance of speed and technique of our athletes. In addition, the conditions throughout the regatta were constantly changing, giving thus a chance for our younger and aspiring athletes to prove themselves, to feel that they can act in a big international fleet at a decent level.”

Phillip Kovalev

the press service of the Association of yachts of a class “the Optimist”

The Results Of The Euromed 2019 –

2019 Results

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