Sydney – Hobart. In memory of the race-1998

Before the start of the famous race, the Rolex Sydney Hobart remains 13 days. Recall that the regatta, which this year will be held in the 74-th time, by tradition, kicks off December 26 – the so-called Boxing Day.

The distance of the race (the Rolex Sydney Hobart-2018 came 92 yachts from 10 countries, including two with Russian crews) we still have time to tell you, and yet – the plot, which today is written for many Australian Newspapers.

The President of the Australian Federation of sails Matt Allen reported that at the time of the upcoming race donate his 60-foot boat Ichi Ban father and son Winningham. Both named John, and at different times, both have won Rolex, but never participated in the regatta together. But now I decided that I would go on the same ship.

The reason, believe me, more than serious. After all, this year marks the 20th anniversary race in 1998, which was attended by the brother and uncle of Winningham Richard, owner and skipper of the infamous yacht Winston Churchill. Three of its crew members died.

About the Sydney Hobart race in 1998, and written numerous books and articles, films. But time passes, and it is worth Recalling how it was. Use one of the Internet publications:

“On 27 December 1998, a fierce storm turning into a hurricane, overtook the fleet of 115 yachts that participated in the annual 630-mile race Sydney-Hobart from Australia to Tasmania.

An area of intense low pressure called the Australian meteorological “bomb” (as it has evolved extremely quickly) and moving directly across the course of the yacht from West to South-East, has invaded the middle of the fleet on the second day of the race. The cyclone brought hurricane-force wind up to 80 knots (12 Beaufort). Rushing against the 4-node South-Eastern course, he quickly developed a steep 12-foot waves. The waves just swept the boats and threw them into the trough, six yachts have been inverted (some repeatedly) and lack of masts. Hurricane destructive power raged for 10 hours – from Sunday 14.00 until midnight, sometimes accompanied by torrential rain.

By the end of day six sailors died or were lost, 47 people rescued by helicopters, six more rescued by trawlers and two warships. Five yachts sank. The consequences could be much worse if the hurricane caught up with the yacht in the region more remote from well-coordinated centres of the rescue services. 25 civilian and 5 military aircraft and helicopters, several ships were involved in rescue operations and searches in the area of 4000 square nautical miles.
Meteorologists explained that a sharp decrease in pressure occurred right in the center of the race that it was difficult to predict. Therefore, large yacht that had gone on ahead, were in a less severe conditions: average wind speed at the epicenter of the cyclone was 79 knots with gusts up to 92″.

But – specifically about Winston Churchill:

“With the deterioration of the weather in Winston Churchill, a 55-foot wooden yacht with a classic design, first gonaves to Hobart in 1945, one was under the storm staysail. The boat was kept well until a big wave threw her overboard into the ravine. Blow blew about two feet of the bulwark. Appeared to flow and the suspicion that have also hurt the covering. The owner and skipper, Richard winning, standing on the wheel, started the engine and pumps, but after 20 seconds the engine stopped. Bruce Gould participating in his 31st race at Hobart stood on the wheel and took the boat under one mast, but twenty minutes later she sank. Four of the team plunged to a quadruple round raft with EPIRB-buoy. The other five located on the second, larger raft. Lin connecting the rafts soon broke. Broke down and tips floating anchors, stabilizing and slowing the drift.

Rafts have become the toys of elements, repeatedly turning over. During one of the coups all five of them fell to the bottom of the raft, and it tore. The people holding the cylinders until the next wave flipped the raft again, throwing in the sea of Bannister, Dean and Laurel. And although all three were in vests, their bodies never found.

In the morning the search aircraft found the raft with four people on Board. They told rescuers where to look for the second raft. The same evening Australian military aircraft recorded in 65 miles East of Gabo island. Stanley and Gibson were rescued from the helicopter…”

Here’s a tragic story. Wow, 20 years have passed. Well, in Australia they honor the memory of the dead sailors.

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