Triton will reveal the secrets of the five oceans

Private manufacturer of submarine Triton Submarines sights on a bold project: the American company announced the launch of the expedition in the deepest places of the five oceans.

The tour will leave the bathyscaphe 36000/2.

Manned underwater apparatus, under the control of the founder of the research company Caladan Oceanic Victor Vescovo (Victor Vescovo) will descend to a depth of 11,000 meters.

The submariner would become the discoverer of these places.

Deep-sea submarine vessel with extra security will visit the Puerto Rican trench at the border of the Caribbean sea and the Atlantic ocean (depth of 8,648 m) in the South Sandwich trench in the southern ocean (8,428 m) at the Java trench in the Indian ocean (7,725 m) in the Mariana trench, namely in its deepest part is the Challenger Deep (10,898 m), as well as in the Molloy basin in the Arctic (5,599 m).

This Vescovo will not stop: he is going to explore the deep Tonga trench in the Pacific ocean , 100 meters from the Mariana trench and find the previously unrecorded in bathymetry depth.

“If I can do it — with a smile said the researcher, I will call it in honor of James Cameron (James Cameron)“.

Hollywood Director was the first person to single-handedly sank to the bottom of the Mariana trench.

Victor Vescovo better known as the conqueror of heights, not the depths of: he climbed the seven highest mountains on the planet. According to Vescovo, the purpose of his current expedition, not only to expand the boundaries of technology, but to push humanity forward in his worldview.

We will remind, last year the industry of private submarines interested in car brand Aston Martin. The company presented the project of the submarine Neptune triple the yacht show in Monaco in 2017.

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