Started THE fifth Transatlantic Race

The participants of THE Transatlantic regatta Race 24 Nov left Marina Lanzarote (Canary Islands). 10 crews in classes IRC, ORCsy, Class40 and MOCRA will be 2995 nautical miles westward across the ocean to the finish line in Marina Port Louis (Grenada, Caribbean).

“Lanzarote is a great place to start, Grenada is a great place to finish the middle — amazing. That this route is not to love?” — said the British PIP Hare (Pip Hare), who went to sea in command of the Norwegian Kinley Tristan (Tristan Kinloch) on the boat the Hydra.

Hydra is competing in the Class40 and is now ranked first. In the overall standings of the monotypes she goes third.

The current speed record in THE Transatlantic Race was established in 2015 by the crew of the Lloyd Thornburg (Lloyd Thornburg) on Phaedo3 and is 5 days, 22 hours, 46 minutes and 3 seconds. Chance to beat this record in the current race, a team of Italian Giovanni Soldini (Giovanni Soldini) on the trimaran Maserati Multi70 or the crew from the Cayman Islands under the leadership of ned Collier Wakefield (Ned Collier Wakefield) on the MOD70 trimaran PowerPlay. Their duel takes place almost 200 nautical miles ahead of the rest of the fleet.

Among the monotypes, one of the main contender for victory is considered to be the Swiss crew of the Cookson 50 Kuka 3 under the command of the winner of the Volvo Ocean Race Spaniard Roberto “Chani” Bermudez de Castro (Roberto Chuny Bermúdez de Castro). Behind shoulders of the owner of Kuka 3 Niggeler Franco (Franco Niggeler) several offshore world Championships, but across the Atlantic he went for the first time.

The first to cross the ocean and the Finnish crew Xp 44 Xtra Staerk. Now the boat is in seventh place in the overall standings.

“We look forward to surfing the big waves on the wind. What more could you want yachtsman?” — shared before the start of your thoughts skipper Innervue Arto (Arto Linnervuo).

The current leader among the monotypes and the biggest boat in THE Transatlantic Race — 39,62-metre monotype Baltic 130 My Song of the Italian pier Luigi loro Piana (Pier Luigi Loro Piana). This is the fourth sailboat with the same name in the garage of the owner.

“I increased My Song to almost 40 meters, because the children are grown and I am old, so it took us a little more stable boat,” explains Pierluigi.

Over the past two years My Song won several awards, and in 2017, was recognized as the best sailing yacht in her size at the World Superyacht Awards. Now My Song and Kuka 3 parts, about 50 nautical miles.

The smallest boat participating in the regatta, an 11 — metre Sun Fast 3600 Black Sheep. In recognition of her skipper, Briton Trevor Middleton (Trevor Middleton) his name was given in honor of the Beers from his native Yorkshire. Now Black Sheep is in fifth place in the overall standings of monotypes.

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