203 km on the kites!

As reported by the website of the WFTU, November 14, an international team of kitesurfers has implemented a complex transition kites on the Indian ocean island of Mauritius to the reunion island with a length of 203 km.

The relay started at 7.20 in the morning in Le Morne in Mauritius and in nine and a half hours, reached St. Denis, on the reunion. Nine kitesurfers constantly succeeded each other, and in the air all the time was a two kite. This is a record and the first in the world relay on the kites with the transition to a distance on the open ocean.

The idea of the relay belonged to Konstantin Aksenov, an experienced kitesurfer and coach, who was the first in 2011 together with Evgeny Novozheev covered by the kite across the Bering Strait. Then the boys got into the Guinness book of records and won the nomination “the Best distant sports campaign” of the national award “Sailor of the year”-2011. At this time, Feldman has managed to captivate the idea of the relay Mauritius-reunion of the famous traveler and the driver, Vladimir Popov.

Technical data of the relay:

9 kiters: six Russians, two of Mauritius and one from the island of reunion. Two boats support.

Start: 14 November 2018 at 07.20, kite lagoon Le Morne (Le Morn), Mavriki.

Finish: 14 November 2018 at 16.50, the shoreline of San Denis (Saint-Denis), reunion.

Transport: 9 hours 30 min, 203,16 km, the air was constantly two kite the size of 15 meters.

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