Spain cancels quarantine


      Spain cancels quarantine
      The other day, the Spanish government decided to cancel the 14-day quarantine for foreigners coming to the country, including tourists, from July 1. Earlier, the country's authorities had already promised that in July they would open the borders for foreign tourists, but did not specify whether they would need to be in self-isolation after arriving in Spain.

Spain cancels quarantine

A little earlier, on May 18 in the Baleares, Canaries and on the territory of continental Spain allowed access to the water. The exceptions are Catalonia and Madrid, where a difficult epidemiological situation still exists. At the same time, it is prohibited to go further 12 miles from the coast.

We asked for comment on the situation on the ground for Russian yachtsmen who are now in Spain, in the Canary Islands and in Mallorca.

Marat Nasyrov: “In Spain and especially in the Canaries, reason has almost triumphed and quarantine has begun to be lifted. Then they allowed to walk with the children. Then the bars and restaurants were opened, and soon all the shops will be opened. As for yachting, it’s not so much fun. Already a week, how to go to sea. But only at a distance of no further than 12 miles from the marina. And you can not go to other marinas. So yachting is only sports so far. He went out, set the sails, sighed, took them off and went back to the marina. However, we are full of optimism. ”

Mikhail Snegirev: “In Alicante, access to the water is completely open, nothing needs to be said anywhere. Only yacht clubs privately ADVISE to inform VHF of the fact of exit. ”

Elena Surikova: “Yes, on Monday we can already walk in the 12-mile zone. Anchorages are still prohibited. Transit movement allowed. There is a list of marinas in which transit yachts can go to refuel. Marina Club Nautico L'Escala did not begin to raise the cost of parking for the high season, the price remained at the winter level. But I had to negotiate through social services, and as a bonus they asked us to release 4 videos about life in quarantine. ”

Air traffic is also beginning to recover. According to Yevgeny Chelombitko, several flights from Germany are already flying to Mallorca, and the government is negotiating to allow tourism for the Germans in the Baleares and Canaries, subject to direct flights. As for flights from other countries, there is no clarity here yet.

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