Happy birthday!

Today is the birthday of the publisher of Yacht Russia magazine Vasily Senatorov. Our boss.

And there is nothing surprising in the fact that in this day we want to confess his love. Our boss is a great guy. And these words, believe me, not subservience and not flattery.

We are fortunate to work under the guidance Senatorov. That’s right: lucky. Because Vasily Yurevich –a talented, enthusiastic and versatile person. Businessman. Journalist. Traveler. Public figure. The yacht captain.

Two weeks ago the Senators, along with his crew won a bronze medal at the Russian championship in the Dragon class. And was dissatisfied. Said, “Bronze and silver we have already taken. Want more.”

Somehow leaves no confidence that in the end the Senators “more” will achieve.

Happy birthday, Vasily Jurevich! Wish you happiness and health! And, of course, seven feet under the keel!

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