“Six minus two masts and a rudder”

At lake Balaton (Hungary) continues the European championship in the class “flying Dutchman”, which is attended by sailors from 17 countries.

On Tuesday, the race was not due to lack of wind, and yesterday it was even in excess. Here’s what he wrote on his page on “Facebook” the participant of a regatta Boris Kuzminov (acting together with Yury Firsov):

“The third day. Three races with winds up to 27 knots. Minus six masts and two steering wheels, one ambulance on a stretcher…Saw two abandoned boats in the distance. Ragged gusts with local shift to 50+ degrees, many Kilani. We first popped open the brake (although it was wrapped), soedinyayutsya taxalist in the circular, and the sheet flew from below deck unit, lots lost while held and bound. In the middle of the last looked like the cable broke cinema the trapeze, and I pulled away from Yura of 30 meters, but he managed to catch me by swimming ;). Before the race ease off grottel, the reason learned on the shore: the grotto came down together with the pulley – weight has collapsed…And I fell in a ditch with a great when-in the backyard of our house…”.

The sum of the five championship races (with one outlier), the most famous leader of the crew – from 13-time world Champions of Sarolta Maiteny and Domokos andrás (Hungary) – 8 points. Two points behind brothers jørgen and Jens Boyer Mallery from Denmark.

As for the Russians, they remain bottom of the table:

43. Boris Kuzminov/ Yuri Firsov. …45. Andrey Novoderezhkin/ Dmitry Novoderezhkin. …47. Andrey Berezhnoy/ Denis Medvedev. …49. Mikhail Senatorov/ Sergey Borodinov. …62. Andrey Yakimov/ Roman Matveenko.

Detailed results –


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