Team MST is the best in Cascais!

According to the Russian Association of class SB20, the winner of the third stage SB20Winter Series in Cascais was the Russian team MST.

© Russian Association of class SB20

After the first day of racing, the crew of Vasily Grigoriev has loudly declared itself, twice being the first to finish. As it turned out, this advance has played a crucial role in determining the winner of the regatta.

On the second day two of the arrival of the Muscovites in the fourth position spun intrigue to the limit: the Portuguese team Carl Linne II, which on the first day was twice second, seriously expected to win. But for this it was necessary not only to win in the fifth race, but to MST and finished at least third. However, Vasily Grigoriev, Maxim Kuzmin and Mikhail Markin crossed the finish line followed by major competitors and thereby forced the judges to consider the opponents number of victories in the race. Their MST was one more. A good start to the season! Congratulations!

Third in the overall standings was the Ukrainian team #Gamechanger. Twelfth place in the crew of Denis Solovyov, 16th – Mikhail Loskov, 18th – Anastasia Morozova, who made his debut in the international arena. All in all, at the start of the regatta out of 32 boats.

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