Sensation from the Envelope!

As reported by the famous French skipper françois Gabaret in an interview with Italian website on 3 November the race starts Brest Atlantiques, in which will participate the most famous Maxi trimarans in the Ultime class.

Of gabara, believe, imagine sailing people do not need to: we remind you that in 2013, he won the round the world race the Vendée Globe, and in 2017 and set a record for solo circumnavigation in the trimaran Macif.

And yesterday, in an interview Monsieur Francois announced a truly sensational news. Autumn from the French Brest Brest Atlantiques start the race. The it will take part in the famous Maxi trimarans in the Ultime class (length – 32 meters width – 23), and it will last a little over a month.

There is required a small excursion into history. As some may remember, at the time it was announced that on 29 December 2019 will start unprecedented race Maxi trimaran around the world – Brest Oceans. But last winter – right after in the transatlantic Route du Rhum a few trimarans were seriously damaged, and Banque populaire IX completely destroyed, – it was decided the holding of Brest Oceans to be postponed. For an indefinite period.

And now it turns out that instead of Brest Oceans at the end of this year will be held in Brest Atlantiques! The route of the race is. From the French Brest – South-West to Rio de Janeiro. In the approach to Rio is a sharp change of course towards the Cape of Good hope. Then, without calling at Cape town, once again changing course to the North. Finish in Brest after a month.

For each trimaran – two, that is, the race is double-handed. Who will co-skipper the Envelope, remains a mystery. While Monsieur Francois can not wait to take the start: according to him, the race will be exciting, and its distance is only slightly inferior to the world.

“In the Route du Rhum, all of us had to face challenges – said Dim. But the difficulties make us stronger people, and now we all become stronger. I’m happy that this year we have Brest Atlantiques. Well, Brest Oceans will have to wait. Although the day is near when they will become reality!”

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