Forward, Russia’s “dragons”!

Yesterday was launched in Cannes regatta 1 St grade class “Dragon” – Dragon Grand Prix de Cannes, which this year is also the first stage of the European series.

After two races the first day of the three Russian crew was in the top ten best – though, in the second half. Rocknrolla Dmitry Samokhin – 6 th position (14 points, parishes 9 – 5), Anatoly Loginov, Annapurna – 7th (20 points, 14 parishes – 6), To be continued by Vasily Senatorov – 9th (21 points, wards 8 – 13).

In the top three for two of the German team: Goldkante (skipper Tanya Jacobson) ranks first with 5 points, while the third Si Ne Wave (Thomas Mueller) – 8 points. The same with the second position of the British crew Racing Louise Gordon Grant.

As we already reported, in the regatta attended by 50 “dragons”. Here are some of the places are occupied now the rest of the Russian crew:

18. Zenith (Igor Goikhberg). …24. Sunflower (Victor Fogelson). …46. Integrity (Mikhail Senators).

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