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Shocking stats: a day after the start of the transatlantic race singles Route du Rhum – Destination Guadeloupe, more than a third of the participants were forced to go the distance.

If, after the first 24 hours for Route du Rhum from 123 launched in Saint-Malo yachts have gone 45.

Now coming to the end of the second day of the race. The new data yet, but clearly coming down will be even greater. Blame the weather. Wind 30 to 45 knots with gusts up to 50. Waves with a height of 5 – 8 meters. Moreover, the upcoming night, they will be even higher – up to 10 meters.

Here who is leading in their classrooms (13.45 Tuesday Moscow time):

Division Ultime. François Gabaret (MACIF) – to the finish line 2674 nautical miles;

Multi50. Thibaut Voxel Camus (SOLIDAIRES EN PELOTON ARSEP) -3050;

Imoca. Alex Thomson (HUGO BOSS) – 2946;

Class40. Yoann Risom (VEEDOL – AIC) – 3075.

RhumMulti. Pierre Antoine (OLMIX) – 3090.

RhumMono. Sydney Kavine (JOYEUX CAFE) – 3110.

In the picture www.routedurhum.com Sam Goodchild (Narcos Mexico) lost the mast at the moment when they came third in the Class40 division.

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