Five and nine

November 18, 2019

      Five and nine
      In the town of Le Maren on the island of Martinique, participants continue to finish the single transatlantic race Mini-Transat. In the Proto division, five riders have already completed the 2700-mile distance of the second stage, in the division of serial yachts – nine.

Five and nine

But most are still on the road, including our Fedor Druzhinin (Proto). The Russian is still in 18th place, and until Martinique he remains (at 10.30 Moscow time) to go 231 miles. We wish Fedor good luck!

By the way, those who finish will have a standard photographic procedure: first, a picture a few miles to the goal, then when crossing the coveted line, then a photo of people on the pier, a few sips of beer or champagne, a kiss from the wife or beloved girl, and finally mandatory bathing procedure in Martinique water. Some of these shots are in front of you.

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