Birthday selfie


      Birthday selfie
      About the British Jeanne Socrates, who makes a round-the-world trip on the 11.5-meter yacht Nereida, we wrote just a month ago. What made us return to this topic? It is very simple: Mrs. Socrates is 77 years old!

Birthday selfie

For those who have only recently begun to visit our site – some details. Socrates, as already mentioned, is British, but has long moved to the city of Victoria in the far west of Canada. Once she already circled the "ball". Socrates completed her previous round-the-world tour (which, just like now, she started in Victoria) on July 8, 2013, when she was 70 years old and 325 days old. Achievement has not been beaten so far and is included in the Guinness Book of Records.

But to be the oldest woman of those who made solitary round-the-world, Socrates is not enough. She hopes to be the oldest of all – regardless of gender. Why is it necessary to break the record recently set by the winner of the Golden Globe Race, Jean-Luc van den Hehede from France, – 73 years 129 days.

And now, Babe Jeanne turned 77, and to Victoria, "just something" 1045 nautical miles. At the same time, 26,693 miles are stern. There are 321 days on the way of Socrates: she planned that she would already approach Victoria, but had to slow down due to several storms in a row.

And this is how she celebrated her birthday. Took a shower on the deck. I made a hairstyle appropriate to the moment. Squirted perfume. And she began a festive dinner. I opened a can of smoked chicken, opened a package of sliced ​​chorizo ​​sausage. Plus a piece of cake (I took a picture with it). Plus mango juice with gin. And a lot of chocolate for dessert. Yes, people can get settled!

Canada is getting closer, but it still needs to be reached. We wish Mrs. Socrates to arrive home quickly and without problems. Where they have been waiting for her for a long time.

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