Reliable and swift


      Reliable and swift
      Here is TF35 – a new flying catamaran, which on August 20 on Lake Geneva for the first time – and in all its splendor – appeared before the press and spectators, having made several test races.

Reliable and swift

The creators have not yet revealed the exact characteristics of this water bird, but they claim that the TF35 is a completely new generation of flying catamarans that surpass their predecessors in almost all respects. Suffice it to say that the ship rises on the foyles at a tail wind speed of 9 knots and continues to move on the foyles with headwinds of 7 knots or more.

The development of TF35 was financed by billionaire Ernesto Bertarelli, which in itself says a lot. Recall that the 53-year-old Italian (he lives in Switzerland) at the time founded the Alinghi syndicate, whose team won twice in the draws of the America Cup.

So Bertarelli is confident that the TF35 has a great future, in that sense and purely sporty, because this catamaran is easy to operate, reliable and fast-moving.

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