Reliable and rapid

Before you TF35 – new flying catamaran, which is on 20 August at lake Geneva for the first time, and in all his glory – stood before the press and the audience, after a few test runs.

The exact characteristics of this aquatic “birds”, its creators have not yet disclosed, but claim that TF35 – an entirely new generation of flying boats, which outperform their predecessors in almost all respects. Suffice it to say that the ship rises to Falah at a speed of tail wind at 9 knots and continues to move Falah at counter winds at 7 knots and more.

Funding of the development of TF35 was carried out by the billionaire Ernesto Bertarelli, and that in itself speaks volumes. Recall that the 53-year-old Italian (living in Switzerland) at the time based syndicate Alinghi, the team which won the Cup “of America.”

So Bertarelli is confident that TF35 – a great future in cycle and sport, because this catamaran is easy to operate, reliable and rapid.

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