Could be worse

August 22, 2019

      Could be worse
      Here is the instructive story that the popular sailing online edition told today:

Could be worse

It was the morning of August 19 in the US city of Port Clinton, in Ohio. This town, which is important, is located on the shores of the famous Lake Erie.

The day before there was a storm with strong gusts of wind, but now the weather was wonderful, and the fishermen on board the schooner Waterfox were looking forward to an excellent catch.

We left the bay, passed another four-odd miles. And then the first mate noticed some object ahead in the water. He warned the captain, he also began to monitor the subject, and when they came closer, it turned out that in front of them was the inverted hull of the yacht on which the man was sitting.

When the poor fellow was lifted aboard the schooner, he warmed up a little and said that he had a house nearby, on one of the islands, and that the night before he had gone to Port Clinton, but suddenly the weather had turned bad and a strong gust of wind knocked over his yacht. And he was in the water, drowning his cell phone. At the same time, a life jacket, which for some reason he had not put on, swam away from him.

Here, in general, is the whole story that entitled "It could have been worse." Indeed, it could. After all, it is fortunate that a man who spent a good half of the day sitting on an inverted yacht was seen and saved!

The captain of the schooner called the rescuers, and they sent for the rescued boat. At the same time, the rescue commander noted that he will now always cite this case as an example. Because everyone should know: before you go swimming, even if it’s very short, check the weather forecast and put on a vest. God saves man, who save himself.

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