PROyachting: results evening regattas of the season-2018

On Tuesday and Wednesday, 2 and 3 October, hosted the final evening of the regatta series of races on the Water stadium, organized by the project PROyachting.

In a series of Wednesday Night Race win ahead was taken by the No Pasaran (163 points), silver took the Trem (153 points), bronze — Angels (127 points).

No Pasaran, the team won not only the championship trophy but also the trophy of the season — watch series Marine Torpilleur from the Swiss watch manufacture Ulysse Nardin.

“Regatta PROyachting is unique in that in them on a professional basis delivered competitive part for everyone. I think a similar project in the world, — said Maxim Andrianov, CEO of Ulysse Nardin representative offices in Russia. — To sum up I will not, because this signals the completion of a certain stage, and we’re talking about continuation and development. The development of sailing, continued cooperation between the watchmaker and the sea the sailing club.”

If in the race on Wednesday, the three leaders decided pretty quickly that races on Tuesdays fought until the very end, and the final results was decided on the final race of the season. For the second consecutive year, first place wins the team “Moscow 24” (161 points). On the second place — “Bongiorno a tutti 2” (148 points), the third — Big Fish (146 points).

“For us it’s been a busy season. Somewhere in late June — early July we slipped to 4th place. We were in a tight struggle, last year was a little easier. Rivals are not allowed to relax, and, judging by the standings, in a series of Tuesdays fight was even harder than Wednesday. The sports part was at 100%”, — commented Denis Lachowski, the team of “Moscow 24”.

In 2018 partner series Tuesday Warm-Up Race made mineral water producer premium company Gerolsteiner. The company will give the main prize to the winning team of the season 2018: four trips to Germany in the unique natural region of the Volcanic Eifel, where is the plant “Gerolsteiner”.

“With the company PROyachting we share common ideals — high quality, healthy way of life and, of course, love for the water. We are pleased that so many people have discovered sailing in Russia and are actively involved. We are also pleased that we were able to introduce them to tasty and healthy water Gerolsteiner. The project we wish luck and hope for further cooperation”, — said Valentina Nikulina, Director of marketing of the company Superbeer, distributor TM Gerolsteiner.

Evening regatta held at the Water stadium for the fifth season. Originally the series took place on the sports monotypes Beneteau Platu in 2017 sailors boarded a J/70.

“I want to note the increased level of the participants of the regatta and a serious fight in the standings. Note that the winners are those who not only came to regattas every week, but also trained in other days and actively preparing, — sums up Michael Kondratyev, the General Director of the project. — I also want to thank the partners of the season, the company Ulysse Naridn and Gerolsteiner. Thanks to their contribution the evening of the regatta came to a new level, and the main prizes of the season, no doubt made the victory even more significant and more beautiful”.

The award ceremony will be held in November at the annual award “PROyachting. Man of the year”. The winners will be summed up the yacht season PROyachting, as well as noted people who have contributed to the development of sailing in Russia in 2018.

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