Amahte on fuel from ocean garbage

At the boat show in Southampton (England) introduced a draft equahty, which can be collected daily in the ocean at five tonnes of plastic, and then recycle this waste into fuel. The figure, however, is approximate and depends on what area of the World ocean will work ecoact and from the volume header. All these parameters are still at the stage of the calculation.

It is known that the 70-metre catamaran, named Ocean Saviour, equip the two hands on both sides of the body that will collect ocean debris and send it on a conveyor belt, located in the bow. Then the trash will be crushed and disposed of in the plasma gasifier. Product that will result from the disposal will be used as fuel for a catamaran.

On the main deck Ocean Saviour are two 12-meter container, which can be used to embed a research laboratory or VIP cabins. Aft main deck, with crew quarters — warehouse. Control is located on the third deck there is a helipad.

Task Ocean Saviour — to remove plastic trash from the ocean before it will disintegrate into microparticles.

The Ocean project Saviour was invented by two colleagues from the brokerage firm TheYachtMarket Richard Roberts (Richard Roberts) and Simon white (Simon White). To visualize their ideas, they invited naval architect Ricky Smith (Ricky Smith), specializing in the creation of eco-friendly ships, and the design expert Dr. Andrew Baglini (Andrew Baglin).

The authors of the project hope to launch the first Ocean Saviour in the Pacific ocean. Richard Roberts calls the ship “becomes a harvester of the oceans” and believes that his startup will make “environmental revolution”. He, however, stressed that the project “ambitious and will require investment on many levels”.

The project cost is estimated at £40 million ($52 million).

To date, more than five trillion pieces of plastic pollute World’s oceans. Thus, according to the latest estimates, eight million tons of plastic waste enters the ocean every year.

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