New kite speed record

June 21, 2019

      New kite speed record
      American kiteboarder Rob Douglas set a new world record: on the beach of the French town of La Palm, he overcame the dimensional nautical mile at an average speed of 39.04 knots (72.30 kilometers per hour).

New kite speed record

Tramontana (cold north and north-east wind) blew during the record-breaking race, which took place in the framework of the Prince of Speed ​​tournament, at a speed of 30 to 45 knots.

The previous record – 35.78 knots – belonged to the Frenchman Christophe Ballua and was set a year ago.

It remains to add that the record (it is now to be ratified by the World Sailing Council on Registration of Records – WSSRC) was set on June 10th. But information about reaching Douglas came just now – not at all with a record, but rather with a snail's speed.

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