Pit stop for the tourbillon

Luxury Swiss watch Roger Dubuis continues its collaboration with Italian tyre producer Pirelli. The latest novelty of this cooperation has become a model Pirelli PitStop Excalibur Spider Flying Tourbillon Single.

A terrible injustice

Last year when Jean-Marc Ontrue, head of the Roger Dubuis was presented in Geneva the latest model Excalibur Spider Pirelli (and regular skeletons, and the double tourbillon), he told me how he came up with the idea of cooperation with Pirelli. Walking through the paddock, “Formula 1” at the end of the race, he saw tire remove the tires from the cars of the winners.
— What will happen to them next? asked Ontrue.
— Send for processing — he said.

“I thought it was a terrible injustice, said Ontrue. Because these tyres have contributed significantly to the victory in the most prestigious race in the world. Excellent quality heavy-duty rubber Pirelli is known to all, and they just proved it once again after more than a hundred kilometres at speeds of 350 km/h at a frantic side-loads in corners, and to withstand thousands of accelerations and braking. Be sure to redeem them and make them exclusive straps for our best hours to the owner certainly knew wears on the wrist part of these successes, victories and glory.”

Roger Dubuis and Pirelli have in common is that they create unique products of the highest level, using cutting edge technology and materials. While the Italians serve the best team “Formulas‑1” exclusive, just as the Swiss of their clients. Both companies have long realized that there is nothing that makes as strong of an impression on hearts and minds as an exclusive service. Therefore, the negotiations did not take long: in 2017 Roger Dubuis and Pirelli became partners.

Straps flowers Pirelli

Then began a rapid creative process. In Roger Dubuis decided to create the straps of the seven bright colors (they are now in the trend), which painted rims tyres formula cars to spectators and opponents had any idea what tires chose to use at this stage of the race those or other pilots. Yellow color corresponds to the composition of the Soft, red — Supersoft, purple — Ultrasoft, white — Medium, orange — Superhard, but tires for rain conditions Intermediate and Wet painted, respectively, green and blue. Since most tires are so-called slicks, they have a completely flat surface, as a pattern for future time rubber strap was elected to the tread pattern of the Pirelli Cinturato Intermediate.

A pit stop to change the strap

To change the strap quite difficult, and without special professional screwdriver won’t do it. Therefore, in order to implement a great idea with maximum customer care, the engineers of the Geneva manufactory undertook to develop an original system for quick self-replacement strap. However, they decided to complicate your task, so that when desired, the wearer can change the strap as fast as changing the wheels of the cars of mechanics during the pit stop, that is, 3 seconds. And they did it! A patented system Quick Release System quick disconnect straps and buckles allows replacement of the strap even faster. And every model Excalibur Spider is now equipped with Pirelli PitStop Box — set of multicolored rubber bracelets, which can change the mood or color of the outfit. Fans welcomed the message with enthusiasm.

Lonely, but soaring

If last year in honor of the start of the project was released complex model with two tourbillons and a few “normal” brand of sleds, but this year Roger Dubuis presented the Excalibur Spider model Pirelli PitStop Single single Flying Tourbillon flying tourbillon.

Let me remind you, the axis of the carriage normal tourbillon is mounted from below and from above by two bridges. So reliable, but the upper bridge still overshadows most beautiful of the complications. So become more and more important the tourbillon, the carriage of which have only one, bottom, mount. Look at a tourbillon, and it feels like he is floating; hence the name — floating. And in a skeleton, like Roger Dubuis, version, nothing at all does not hide its beauty, since the mechanism (it is for this same reason) was deprived of the rotor winding.

  • The strap of these watches are made of the Pirelli tyres Ultrasoft

The mechanism RD508SQ deserves special mention. It is brand new, different design crown and bridge, has the signature star-shaped architecture of the Astral Skeleton with thin bridges, painted black DLC-coating. On the upper tip of the axis of the tourbillon cage, located in the “6.30”, set the second hand. Marking the second dial is made in the style of the automobile speedometer, and so it seems that the tourbillon is integrated into the speed indicator. Multicolor power reserve indicator at “9.30” resembles a fuel gauge in the cockpit of a racing car. Caliber is manual winding and a power reserve of 60 hours. It is housed in 45-mm case made of titanium with black DLC coating. And, of course, as with all mechanisms, Roger Dubuis, it marked the Supreme hour of quality — with the hallmark of Geneva.

  • Milos Pavlovich in hours Excalibur Spider Pirelli

Exclusive model for ladies released in a limited edition of 28 copies. Released and version single flying tourbillon for dealers Roger Dubuis, but without PitStop Box and on the strap of the same color.

When the best engineers from different industries, from different, but closely related companies, the automotive, and time, share their unique experiences, stunning craftsmanship and avant-garde technologies are born truly unique things.

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