Maserati or PowerPlay?

As we reported last Saturday on the island of Lanzarote (Canary Islands) took the start of THE Transatlantic race. Distance – 2995 nautical miles. The finish on the other side of the Atlantic on the island of Grenada.

Behind the third day of the race. The focus continues to be the rivalry of the two Maxi-trimarans – Maserati Multi70 under the leadership of Italian Giovanni Soldini and PowerPlay MOD70 skippered by ned Collier-Hafilda.

Almost all of the time, these two vessels are close to each other, alternately being in the lead. Now (at 17.00 Moscow time on Tuesday) ahead of the PowerPlay, but judging by the tracker, the advantage of this command is purely symbolic – a few tens of meters.

Breeze drives the trimaran forward with a speed of 20 knots. However, while they significantly (270 nautical miles) behind THE Transatlantic record for mnogoyarusnyi installed in 2016. In that year, the Phaedo3 trimaran (MOD70) overcame the distance from Lanzarote to Grenada in 5 days 22 hours 06 Mina and 59 seconds.

Among odnomandatnikov predictable ahead of the 40-meter beauty My Song (Baltic 130, skipper – pier Luigi loro Piana). Which also loses to the schedule of the relevant record of the race, established in 2015 by the yacht Nomad IV (FINOT-CONQ 100) – 10 days, 7 hours, 6 minutes and 03 seconds. But here the gap is less than forty miles.

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