Eight and a half years later

January 4, 2019

      Eight and a half years later
      Last Wednesday, a pilot of a small plane, flying a few miles from Kangaroo Island (which is on the southern coast of Australia), saw an inverted yacht at sea.

Eight and a half years later

On the case, in many places densely covered with shells, was nevertheless well visible a large painted eye. Which allowed the boat to quickly identify.

It was a 40-foot Wild Eyes yacht, on which, eight and a half years ago (!), American Abby Sunderland intended to become the youngest girl (she was 16 years old then), traveling around the world alone.

On February 6, Abby started off in Mexico, on March 31 she rounded Cape Horn and headed towards South Africa. But what happened next (quote Wikipedia):

“June 10 in storm conditions there was a failure in the management of sails. It happened about 400 miles from Reunion Island. In addition, communication was lost with Abby.

On 12 June, Abby Sunderland’s yacht was discovered by the French fishing vessel Ile De La Réunion, 300 miles from Reunion. The yacht was severely damaged during the storm, the mast was missing. Since transporting a yacht to California would be too expensive, it was decided to sink it in the Indian Ocean. ”

But, apparently, it was never flooded. In any case, the boat drifted in the ocean for eight and a half years, reaching Australia.

After Wild Eyes was seen from an airplane, they approached her on a boat, examined her. But – the most surprising – now it is not possible to find her, despite several attempts made. Has it sank?

“My boat has always had a quick temper,” now 25-year-old Abby Sunderland remarked on this issue.

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