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This year, the Australian John Sanders will be 80 years old. His birthday he will celebrate in the ocean. Sanders is going into his 11th trip around the world.

You are not wrong, and the eyes you did not disappoint: for the Aussie-it really will be the ELEVENTH trip around the world! Moreover, a number of his achievements included in the Guinness Book of records. So, in 1986, 1988, he walked around the “ball” three times and solo and without stopping, breaking the 71 000 nautical miles in 678 days. How’s that for an achievement?

And heard about Sanders not all – what to do Australia on the other side of the world, write about it even at home rarely (only when he once again is going on a long journey and after the finish), and besides, the champion can’t stand to give an interview.

He is generally much more comfortable on the boat than at home. Two years ago, after completing his tenth circumnavigation, Sanders admitted:

“I don’t know what to do on land. I already miss, and I can’t help myself, I always have to go to the sea. I don’t always understand it myself, but I often remember my mother’s words. When I was teased in childhood other boys, because I prefer to go to the yacht club, than to play football, she told me: “Why do you want to be like everyone else, if you can be someone special?”

And continued:

“So what is the most comfortable I feel in the sea. Nowhere else can you find yourself anywhere are no longer alone with myself and the world. In this world there is no better places than the sea!”

In General, Sanders rarely speaks, but what is called, aptly. “The area of my cabin on the yacht, much less the size of a prison cell – he said once. But I wonder comfortable. Do you know why? Because I am a free man. Freer all!”

The Pacific ocean he crossed 12 times, India – 14 times, the Atlantic – 12. Cape horn was rounded fivefold, the Cape of Good Hope – 11-fold. Seven times participated in the race Sydney-Hobart.

He generally likes to race. In 1979 he signed up for the offshore regatta, held in Rio de Janeiro. After the race and wondered whether to return home to Australia the same way – via Cape town? And headed North to pass through the Panama canal.

So – unexpectedly for himself – Sanders made his first circumnavigation. Liked. The second, which began in 1981, was a nonstop, solo (and all subsequent), and, most importantly, a double. That is, it is in a row made two “round”.

It should be noted: only five of his krugosvetki was non-stop. In this century he prefers to make a stop or two, if the problem is serious. Not always Sanders chooses the classic routes. So this time, after leaving his native Fremantle, it will first go to Mauritius, then to the Cape of Good Hope, and then…

What will happen then, he hasn’t decided. The main thing for Sanders is once again to be one on one with the oceans aboard the Perie Banou II. The rest is unimportant.

We Yacht in Russia at the time, wrote about this incredible Australian. Including led this story.

13 March 1988 around the planet three times and spent in a sea of 678 days, he returned to Fremantle. Met Sanders friends are very worried that such a long loneliness badly affect his mind, so made the decision going to Board his yacht, not to speak with him first, to see if he recognizes them. The sailor was the first to break the dreary, silent solemnity of the moment, in his usual style, calling one of his friends: “Hey, idiot, you had to wear this stupid hat?!”

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