Only now with the wind problem…

In the water area of the Neva Bay of the Gulf of Finland passes the championship of Saint-Petersburg in sailing. The regatta takes the Yacht club of Saint-Petersburg. These are the main competitions for juniors.

The competition is held among athletes in classes “Optimist”, “Zoom-8”, “Laser 4.7”, “Laser radial”, “Laser”, “mini Beam”, “Beam”, “Beam radial”, 420-th, 29-th, “DNA”, Techno, RS:x, the Organizers have set up three separate races for different classes.

In the regatta attended by over 350 young athletes, a record for such competitions. In the championship of Saint-Petersburg are chasing sailors from 8 to 23 years of the best sailing schools of the city – the “sailing Academy”, “School of the highest sports skill at water sports”, “Sports schools in sailing “Krestovsky island”, the team of yacht clubs “Baltiyskiy Bereg” and “Baltiets” and others.

During the championship St. Petersburg Yacht club St. Petersburg is also in the final stage of the regatta “Optimists of the Northern capital. Gazprom Cup”.

The first days of the regatta not differ a fresh and steady wind. On Saturday, the organizers were able to conduct only two races in the classes of the Techno and RS:X and one in “DNA”. The representatives of other classes not on the water.

The second competitive day the wind increased, but remained approximately in the same condition. The wind in the waters walked from 0 to 5 knots, quickly changing strength and direction. Such weather conditions are only suited for windsurfers who again showed their skills at the pump. The rest of the fleet took to the water in hopes of a good and stable calls, but was lucky to only “Zoom-8”. The judges managed to hold in the class one race.

Today the wind was unstable in the direction of force – the main judge of competitions Alexander Pockets. – Wind conditions did not allow us to conduct a proper race, where emerged the winner by a sports principle and not by accident. According to our manuals for the races the wind should be a steady direction and strength of not less than 4 knots. In two events we gave starts to all groups, but soon the wind is over, so it was decided to stop the race. Then we had five more attempts, but each time the wind quickly subsided. Racers in the class “Zoom-8” was the first starting group, they just managed to finish in good wind.

The only race in the class “Zoom-8” won the athlete of dspk “the Rout”, Academy of sailing and “sportsmanship according to the BBC,” Daniel Serdyukov. Behind him finished Elena Obodzinska (“Krestovsky island”) and Nikolay Grigoriev (“Baltiets”).

In the class of “DNA” in the top three did not change compared to the first competition day. Leading positions are still athletes from the Academy of sailing – Alex Vorobiev, Akim Petrov and Anton Golubev.

In the Techno class among the Petersburg sportsmen also not equal to “academics”. Eva Boytsov scored 11 points and is located on the first line. Maxim Lukyanov and Alex Burkin behind her right at 29 points. Competition athletes Academy sailing are the guys from Irkutsk and Moscow, but their results will not count for the championship of Saint-Petersburg.

In the overall standings in the class RS:X took place an interesting fight for leadership. Despite the hand injury and splints for the finger, Egor Zhilin from the Academy of sailing and “Krestovsky island” is the head of the overall standings of the championship. Egor hard full pampite, so he holds the lead due to the relatively stable results (2, 4, 4, 9 parishes). Two points are inferior to him, Anastasia Shchedrin (Academy sailing) and Mihail Aleksandrov (“Krestovsky island”).

We will remind that following the results of superiority of St. Petersburg will determine the team that will represent the Northern Capital at national regattas.


* the results are nonresident athletes, but in the standings of the championship of Saint-Petersburg are only athletes representing the city schools.

the press service of the Academy sailing of the Yacht club of Saint-Petersburg

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