The same MACIF. But the other!

If you have at least a year interested in ocean racing, to explain what the famous trimaran MACIF, you don’t need.

Because at the end of the 2017 French skipper françois Gabaret (he was 34) mounted on 30-meter trimaran phenomenal world record: bypassed around the world solo and without visits to the ports 42 days, 16 hours, 40 minutes and 35 seconds.

After that, the Envelope went to bathe in the glory and rest. MACIF also did not stand idle: it was repaired and refitted. The procedure took about six months: trimaran was a bit longer, improved its aerodynamics set faily new configuration and state of the art electronic equipment, reduced cab height, the modified form of keel.

And now it’s another MACIF, the boat goes even faster and higher costs on voilah!

The trimaran was launched on the 31 of July and since then he during test and practice sessions held around 3000 nautical miles. Dim not hide her excitement. Those who had the opportunity recently to go on Board, too. But among them were real connoisseurs of the issue – including Jimmy Spithill and Pascal Bidegorry.

It remains to be seen how you behave MACIF in the present case. Well, very soon, in early November, the Envelope will be released at the start of the famous transatlantic race the Route du Rhum single – 3542 nautical miles from France to Guadeloupe. There he will face compatriot Sebastian Josse on the 32-foot Edmond de Ronhschild and four tri-class Ultime.

It will be a glorious battle!

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