Saddlek is preparing for the third attempt


      Saddlek is preparing for the third attempt
      The Austrian traveler and yachtsman Norbert Sedlachek confirmed that he intends on July 12, that is, exactly 100 days later, to start from Le Sables d'Olonne (France) in order to describe the "eight" around the globe. The name of the project is Ant Arctic Lab.

Saddlek is preparing for the third attempt

According to Norbert, he would have such a route – from France to the northwest, go through the Canadian Northwest passage in the direction “opposite the wool” (from east to west), go down the western coast of the USA to the Horn, loop around Antarctica, rounding a formidable cape twice, after which across the Atlantic return to France.

Recall that Sedlacek already twice – in 2018 and 2019 – started from Le Sables d'Olonne, but both times the trip had to be completed within a few days “due to equipment problems”.

It is worth recalling that the Sedlachek yacht – AAL Innovation – is built from basalt fiber – an inorganic material obtained from the melt of some natural minerals. It has its own structural advantages over, say, ordinary E-glass, but the main fact for Norbert is (as he states) the following fact: the ability to subsequently (upon completion of operation) completely recycle the yacht for recycling (basalt fiber allows processing and recycling) .

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