Yan Guichard: what next?

In Fremantle, a port on the West coast of Australia, came a 40-metre Maxi-trimaran Spindrift 2 running French skipper Jan Guichard.

We will remind that the crew of Spindrift 2 has tried to improve the record non-stop race around the world. For 16 days and 11 and a half thousand nautical miles Guichard and Co. ahead of schedule trimaran IDEC-SPORT with a skipper Francis Guaiana that from 2017 own Jules Verne Trophy. Moreover, the wind forecast for the further course was for the team is extremely favorable.

However, in the night of 1 February 2, almost immediately after Spindrift 2 passed South of the Kerguelen Islands, the crew was forced to cease pursuit of record due to serious damage. From the outset it was clear that the damaged right wheel, and it was not the result of a collision in the dark with something: shock nobody felt. Later it became known that destroyed baller right wheel.

What was the reason for this is yet to be analyzed. But in any case, the decision to stop the race, according to the Team, it was the only possible and correct. Use the right wheel could not be greater – his pen (again, according to Guichard) lived their own lives.

The crew of Spindrift 2 was photographed. In the coming days, the coast team will prepare the catamaran for long transportation by sea to France. And the famous, but unfortunate 44-year-old skipper need to decide whether he intends in the future again to try to get the Jules Verne Trophy.

Although the team has hinted that the next, fifth attempt of the crew of Spindrift 2 set new world record round the world race will probably take place next winter.

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