“Thanks to everyone who was with us!”

August 1, 2019

      “Thanks to everyone who was with us!”
      Life after the race: a touching text from the main organizer of the Golden Globe Race, Don McIntyre. The #EsmeraldaOK page cited this material:

“Thanks to everyone who was with us!”

Each of us these few years lived race # GGR2018. For the participants, the race was even more important than for us. For some of them, returning to the ordinary world was a painful shock.

Tapio Lehtinen returned home. The last mile was accompanied by young skippers on Optimist class yachts.

Mark Slats and Suzy Goodall finished in the # AZAB2019 race (2nd in their class). Before the finish they had to go through a storm. For Suzy, this was the first storm after a coup in the Southern Ocean.

Ertan Beskardes is about to take part in the # AZAB2022 race in preparation for # GGR2022.

Abilash Tomi spends time with his family, but already dreams of a 2022 race. Gregor McGuckin is still worried about the fate of his boat. Are Wiig dreams of another round of the world, but without a crazy rush. Now he does not have the necessary amount, but he is going to save up.

Loyke Lepage enjoys life. The French know how. But he is already thinking about finding a sponsor, you can guess why.

Philip Pesce moves forward and tries to find a balance by selling PRB. But Antoine Quaso is ripening new plans that may mean returning to the familiar scene!

Nabil Amra, Istvan Kopar – they have their own affairs, but we can not say that they do not think about GGR.

By the way, Istvan recently bought his old boat, which he sold to participate in the GGR. The owner of the boat was aware of Ishtvan's affection, and the shore was a boat for him.

But Kevin Fairbrother made it clear that he is tying with the sails. Better mountains, even if you have to stand in line for Everest.

A potential participant of GGR2022 is eyeing Francesco Capelletti's boat – everything is probably clear here too.

Uku Randmaa is a happy father, he has something to remember and dream about.

Everyone wants to hear the story of Jean-Luc van den Hehede, but in between stories and other activities, he makes plans for the future.

The race is over. But the fun continues! Books, movies, sponsors, new members and … Ocean Globe race!

Of course, you heard that GGR will have a sister – OGR!

The GGR2018 race was an incredible adventure! Thanks to everyone who was with us!

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