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Became known some details about the team of Holland – the last, the sixth Challenger for the America’s Cup -2021.

That America’s Cup, a draw which will take place in 2021, will attend the Dutch team, became known in early December-2018. But information about the new Challenger is almost not there. Is that something that formed the application two Dutch yacht club-the Royal Netherlands Yacht Club Muiden and the Royal Maas Yacht Club.

And now, a month later, the public finally became the details. In Schevingen, the presentation team, which Team is officially called The Netherlands.

The presentation was held in Schevingen because it is here that the headquarters Team The Netherlands. The journalists presented a few basic for the team of people. And above all – the double winner of the America’s Cup, a frequent member (and skipper) Volvo Ocean Race Simeona Thienpont (pictured). He will skipper the “Salamanders” – so the Dutch have decided to call their AC75.

Another presented to journalists Mr. Dirk Kramer – on the website Team The Netherlands is called “real team leader”. Kramer has participated in seven previous Cup “America” as a designer and engineer.

Functions of the General Manager The Netherlands Team is likely to be performed by the Peter van Niekerk, two time winner of the America’s Cup as part of the Swiss Alinghi, a participant of the recent Volvo Ocean Race (the crew Team AkzoNobel, where the skipper was all getanon).

Finally, at a press conference introduced Carolyn the Brower, the participant of three Olympic games in three different classes of yachts, the winner of the last Volvo Ocean Race, composed of DongFeng RaceTeam. Thanks to its huge experience, 44-year-old Carolyn, it is emphasized, can carry on Board a variety of functions – to be the helmsman, skotovi, grinder, and work with fajlami knows.

Apparently, while in Team The Netherlands has no General sponsor. At the same time, it emphasizes an informed website special financial problems, the team does not feel. She clearly has resources, however, the team prefer them not to spread.

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