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To choose the most beautiful island of the Seychelles archipelago is about how to choose a favorite child: each island offers something completely unique. That can be seen only once or twice in my life. Take the Atoll of Aldabra, home of giant tortoises. Despite the fact that each of the 115 Islands has its own flavor, they are United by the absolute pristine, wild sandy beaches, swaying in the warm wind, coconut trees and clear shallows of the colors of Topaz.

The Seychelles archipelago is located between Madagascar and Maldives. On a rather mountainous main island of Mahe emerald forest coming down from the 906-foot peak of the main peak and forms the Morne Seychellois National Park. If you are lucky enough to hike on mountain trails, you will surely feel the scent of rose and cinnamon tree growing in this exotic forest. Kestrel — bird of the Falcon family, known among the Creole as the Katiti — surprise of the traveler the melodious cry, similar to a Serenade.

Once at sea, you will see why the Seychelles is called the Galapagos of the Indian ocean. Coconut crabs — a vivid example of island gigantism. On earth, where there are larger predators, individuals are growing from year to year. Even the plants here are unique. Nepenthes Pervillei mountain carnivorous Lily attracts insects with its nectar. The national symbol, Coco de Mer, endemic to Cocos island Praslin — a distinctive appearance reminiscent of a woman’s ass. Tiger chameleons and black parrots — also part of the UNESCO heritage site called Vallée de Mai, a prehistoric valley, which many say as the prototype of the garden of Eden.

As for the earth, the Seychelles is the smallest African country. The population of this country is 90 thousand people, which is divided between millions of square kilometers of the sea, the village most beautiful creations of the God Poseidon. Fish here do not panic and do not fear man. Divers will be pleasantly surprised to see such beauties as camouflage painted bass or triggerfish.

Aboard the luxurious of 67.5-metre superyacht Icon, you can explore the marine depths during the winter season 2019. Why not try to catch the hook rainbow mackerel, which is perfect for Teppanyaki? The most difficult trophy is, of course, ray-finned fish-Owls, or white Fox. This aerodynamic lump of muscle can accelerate to 60 km/h. Approximately the same speed develop jet skis Yamaha Waverunners stored in the garage of the yacht Icon.

The Aldabra Atoll was named by Jacques-Yves Cousteau, “the second largest coral Atoll on earth” and “one of the last sanctuaries on the planet; a place that man has not yet ruined”. Beautiful coral reef stretches for tens of kilometers, to enter into inside of the blue lagoon with green sea turtles and giant manta rays. As said Cousteau, this is a real diver’s dream. Day more than a dozen cetaceans, including dolphins, humpback whales and orcas swim past the Atoll. All of them are under UNESCO protection, as does the Atoll. And in the evening when the sun slowly sets over the horizon, exotic cocktails are served beside the outdoor swimming pool on Board, tropical birds singing around the yacht.


In 1958, Ian Fleming had voluntarily imprisoned myself in Mahé, the largest island of the Seychelles. Weeks long, the Creator of “James bond” swim with a mask and snorkel, drank vodka and smoked a homemade cigarette.

During your stay on the island of Fleming had contracted the stories about pirate treasure. It is known that before the island was occupied by the British East India company the French corsairs smuggling brought to Seychelles treasures from Tanzania, Madagascar, India and Oman. Seychelles is the richest pirate nicknamed Buzzer was sent to the gallows, but before he managed to throw his treasure map in the pursuing crowd with the cry: “Try and find them!” Sailors who wanted to find the loot Busseron, was to explore the 115 Islands, and, alas, they failed to find anything.

However, this mission can be quite doable if you’re on Board Icon. Unique superyacht has all the qualities of ideal toys James bond, including a respectable wine cellar and a private casino on Board. If that’s not enough, a few casinos on the island of Mahé have a secluded room to play Punto Banco or roulette. Guests of the yacht may also want to try on the image and Goldfinger play Golf on the beautiful fields of Mahe, lying on the former coconut plantations.

Worth it to be on the white sand beaches around the hotel the Northolme, which is thought by Fleming. For sixty years it has not changed anything. The Seychelles have been and remain the recognized world leader in beauty and frozen because of the nature, under the protection of UNESCO. You can learn more about it if you find yourself on Seychelles Ocean Festival in December. Photo exhibition vividly depicts the 5000 inhabitants of the underwater world of the Indian ocean (that’s five times more than in the Caribbean).

Natural beauty abounds and the island Silhouette located near Mahe. Tourists can climb the five highest peaks of the island, each of which is covered with a small cloud, despite its Equatorial location. 75 endemic species of the fauna of the vote among the deciduous forests. 20 km of coastline divided between a total of 200 local residents, and it is protected by the state. This means that only kayaks and paddleboard yacht Icon can dock to this idyllic beach of La Passe.

The sea around Cocos island is also part of the marine reserve. With underwater equipment that can pick up on Board Icon, you will see a turtle Caretta, which is also called Bissau, torlakovic stingrays and lionfish. Like most of the Seychelles, there are no people and housing. Though with a water temperature of +28 °C from December to April, you just can not be afraid that you will freeze. Feel free to leave the wetsuit at home: here you won’t need it!

The island of Fregate is riddled with stories about the trade routes between East and West. Here Arab merchants and explorers met with traders from Africa, France, England. A potpourri of different cultures is reflected in Seychelles cuisine which is best enjoyed on a small eco-resort. Fish Bonito served with meat hermit crab, lemongrass, coriander and tamarind pulp. If you want to arrange a small master class on cooking traditional food Seychelles cuisine near the swimming pool aboard the yacht Icon. As far as we know, local coconut curry is best combined with the wines of Mouton Rothschild, the much-revered James bond. The one who suddenly eat a little more than usual, will be able to participate in the half marathon, which starts on the beach in March.

Charter routes superyacht Icon

Charter travel through the Seychelles Islands typically originate in Eden Island Marina. The name of the port is perfectly suited to him: it’s a real Eden with a red Paradise birds singing in the bushes of the red Jasmine. We’ll be leaving port in the evening and at sunset, drop anchor off the coast of Silhouette island. And again the name of the island corresponds to its external appearance. Mountain peaks rise in forest fog, slowly sinking into the darkness of the night, and in shallow water are changing their red-orange reflections. At sunset, you plunge into a chorus of birds: Kestrels, sunbirds, the black parrot. Watch and listen to this from the Board of the Icon is a very special treat. The largest superyacht in the Seychelles this winter like floating the Fort and five-star hotels. After sunset, you can try a smoothie made with ripe mango, exotic to enjoy a light dinner, and after a short rest and meditate under a starry sky before bedtime.

Be sure that on the second day of travel you’ve forgotten that in the XXI century. On the longest sandy beach of the island of Mahe — Gran ANS — all the worries of the big cities suddenly washed away by sea water, whose temperature rarely drops below +28 °C. the consistency of Sand here is powdery, but the color is similar to snow; as nicely sparkles in the sun. Swim with mask and snorkel alongside sea as a cadet. Ride a glass-bottom kayak over entire gardens of colorful corals-gorgonia. Or feel like Robinson Crusoe, conquering research trail around Four Seasons Resort.

On the third day of the tour landed on the island, over which not imperiously time. On Praslin — the island of prehistoric origin — you can see such wonders as Medusae endangered tree endemic to the Seychelles, or breadfruit is native to Polynesia. Curieuse island near another interesting place to stop. Here live giant Seychelles tortoises, which move calmly. Of course, because they are not in a hurry.

Fourth, fifth and sixth day of the trip are open to any possibilities for this and there are yachts. Guests can choose between diving in the vicinity of the island of La Digue, a dip in the ornithology on the Island of Birds or a visit to the wild jungle of the island of Aride, which is run by the Society for the preservation of the Seychelles and where the permanent home to only six people. While we make sea crossings, watch the underwater world, either from the yacht or continue with the tender or riding a water bike. The closer to the water, the more interesting, because we, most likely, will be accompanied by dozens of dolphins and other marine life. Want a more active holiday? Then try to catch blue Marlin or sailfish. In these waters you can feel like a real pioneer — in the area are so few other yachts.

The most difficult task of the week is to figure out which of the Islands to complete the cruise. Majestic granite boulders and coconut trees on the shore are reminiscent of the Caribbean Islands, soft sand and clear sea water is so similar to the Maldives. If people landed on these wild shores, they stayed there not longer than a walk on the beach at sunset.

Yacht Icon

Ask your child to paint a tropical Paradise and it will depict something that is reminiscent of the Seychelles. Every coral Atoll is framed by a magnificent sandy beach and surrounded by a coral reef. Green palm trees gracefully swaying in the wind. Diving equipment — a nice bonus, but not necessary. Even with the usual mask for snorkeling you will discover a rich underwater world with shoals of groupers and striped surgeons. Only about 700 people live on 72 small Islands scattered in the archipelago, of which only 12 of the Islands have signs of civilization. Such statistics means that if you want to travel in this Paradise region, you just need a private yacht.

Ask an adult to draw a yacht, and his picture is likely to show exotic cocktails, serverwise on the outdoor bathing platform at sunset. And dark hull of the yacht, referring to the Golden age of sea travel. From the pool on Board the views of the endless expanse of the Indian ocean and millions of square kilometres of the Seychelles archipelago. Surely an adult, draws the perfect yacht, will not forget about fast Internet, which will allow you to download daily footage from Go-Pro, and the latest episode of “Game of Thrones”. Superyacht Icon do offers all these pleasures and more.

“Our beach club and outdoor deck for relaxing, just great, says captain Jeremy Dean. — Imagine that early morning you step out of your cabins on the lower deck, walk past a gym, sauna, Hammam and jump right into the water with a bathing platform, he continues. — When their 67,5 metres length, exceeding that of any local commercial or even a military vessel, — Icon conquers the sea, like the modern Leviathan”.

Its appearance superyacht Icon is obliged designers Redman Whiteley Dixon. Guru of yacht design took care of every corner on paripalana yacht, including bars and al fresco areas for sunbathing. The exquisite interior is designed by Studio Linse Amsterdam — the same one that created part of the Rijksmuseum in the Dutch capital, which is included in the twenty most visited art museums in the world. The main salon of the yacht is a combination of energy and glamour of fashionable gallery in Manhattan. Like Dubai hotel Burj al Arab Hotel, all EN Suite Icon have sea views, and is used here only cosmetics Hermes. The ratio of guests and team members is 1.5:1 — puts this boat is significantly above any of the most luxurious hotel on an unprecedented level of service.

However, the owner Icon that was not enough. That’s why in 2014, he sent the vessel back to the shipyard for refita. The hull was lengthened by five metres, the designers have added an extensive “beach club”, a centre for diving and a gym with sea views, equipped with Technogym machines. There is also a sauna that can accommodate half of the guests. So now the Icon is not just a yacht, is a modern dive centre, restaurant, gourmet and cinema, equipped with the 85-inch Bang & Olufsen. But if very briefly, this modern floating five-star hotel.

Refinement and good taste are combined in this boat with reliability, the most important point, of course, is inside. The well-equipped kitchen, you can quickly prepare meals in the style of Peruvian fusion, Japanese izakaya or a traditional English dinner party. Meals are created by talented chef Swiss-Australian origin, who worked together with several famous Michelin-starred chefs and award-winning. Regarding the equipment of the yacht, the pitching stabilizer at zero speed guarantee: neither during the voyage nor at anchor one of the guests will pour your digestive. Finally, in the range of 6,000 nautical miles, the yacht can come back into the Mediterranean sea directly to the beginning of the Cannes film festival in may 2019.

Needless to say, the Mediterranean sea — birthplace of superyacht Icon. During several successful seasons between Croatia and Spain at the hotel, you have time to posibaritstvovat on the Corsican beaches in the Balearic Nightclubs, climaxing tasted the atmosphere of the Club 55 in Saint-Tropez and Monaco Grand Prix. What prepares a yacht in 2019? Whale watching in the Seychelles and, of course, cocktails Bellini overlooking Portofino!

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