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Valentine’s day has turned harsh for many of the world’s leading crews in class 49. The race for survival in extreme wind and ocean waves – this was the opening day of the second phase of the Grand Prix of Portugal in classes, 49th, 49th FX and Nacra 17 in Portugal.

The event takes place at a place called Vilamoura, located on the coast of the Atlantic ocean.

Class 49-th for the regatta showed up 52 strong crew of 18 European countries, as well as the crew from Thailand and Japan. Among participants – the athletes Academy sailing of the Yacht club of Saint-Petersburg, Jan Cech and Ivan Zotov. We will remind, in the first phase, held in December, the guys were 19-mi.

Ian and Ivan shared his impressions from the first day of the regatta and told her about the previous training camp.

Jan Cech: “Before the regatta held 8-day training camp with guest coach – pole Tomasz Anuszewski, it turned out very successful – received many answers to our questions. The gathering was held in light wind conditions, but by the beginning of the regatta is very well inflated, even too well.”

Ivan Zotov: “I Finally got a full training camp. Thank the Academy and leadership for Tomas! Received a lot of information daily, I hope to continue working with it in the future, after the regatta, the pole will have an idea of our level and strengths and weaknesses and will help us to improve their performance.

The starting day of the regatta we did it the hard.

In the first race because of the coup on the full course and missed the opportunity to get in the top 10, finished # 11. During the coup we have two battens in the mainsail struck the front foot. Had to go ashore during the second race for repair, how to chase without armor in such conditions is impossible. After replacing the sails on shore is back on track, hoping to catch the third race of the day, but it was canceled”.

After the 1st day Ivan and Jan go 31 mi. More successful was the circumstances for a second Russian crew in the class 49 – Konstantin Nosov and Alexander Gaydaenko, they are situated on 18th place with 14 and 11 parishes.

In the class 49FX is another Russian crew – Zoya Novikova and Diana Sabirova. On the first day due to the weather conditions in this class and in the class Nacra17 not held any one race.

The competition will last until February 17, watch the results and cheer for our boys!

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Evgeny Kitaev,

the press service of the Academy sailing of the Yacht club of Saint-Petersburg.

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